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Contrary to what many of my friends think, I don’t have lots and lots of clothes. In fact, I can fit them all into one big suit case. It’s true, I really can. It just seems like I have a lot because of the constant reinvention, and of course, I’m always on the lookout for little quirks to gussy up my much worn and loved clothes.

Entrer dans – Dress clips (from the late 1920’s – 1950) – what joyous, versatile and fun clamps these are.  Clip one on neck line of a T-shirt, pockets of jeans, perhaps a pair to rolled up sleeves, at the bottom of your legging, the hem of a jumper, the list goes on. I really like these clips, because they are so small, easy to use, but you can’t help but notice them.

Personally, my battered shoes are my choice place to put the dress clips, and doesn’t Nell’s outfit stand out with the clips on the neck line of her dress, and yep, she went one step further and put another in her hair. Digging the belt, then bag, and the whole vintified (is this even a word..) look.

Where to buy them… online if you prefer, but I, would head down to a vintage market of course, they cost as little as a tenner, and you can test the stiffness of the clips, and yes, haggle.

Once you get a pair, you’ll wonder what you did without them. I sometimes do…..


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