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The Metamorphosis of a good old book …..

I started reading a book over the weekend, the first in over a year! I’d been thinking about reading a good book for a long while now, but since driving came on the scene, reading for pleasure became insurmountable! Last week, whilst talking to my neighbour,who has a big library, I mentioned the need  to sink my teeth into a good book – she instantly produced a fat softback, which I  haven’t been able to put down since. Prior to that, I had looked in my little library, ran my fingers along the spins of the many books I possess; paused, pulled out a book, flicked through, put it back, then repeated the same process a few seconds later, but nothing seemed to be flicking my switch. I don’t know about you, but I tend to read my favourite books a few times, before they end up on my shelves. However, with so many books,  I sometimes wonder if I should declutter, but atlas I pause, consider the  sentiments, aesthetics, the future  and decide to hold on to them.

So what else does one do with one’s old books? – Well, some bedeck my wooden stairways, others are stacked on top of each other and function as a side table, door stoppers, props for shoots, and very occasionally, a few end up in charity shops & boot sales.

Then, someone like Jeremy with a more artistic foresight, pops along to the charity shops, picks them up and transforms them into quirky one-off fashion pieces! Far out! Now I can wear pieces of my favourite books, as fashion accessories, and add to the long list of reasons for holding on to them.

I was first introduced to these beauties at COLLECT (an annual craft fair at the Saatchi gallery, London) , in February and was blown away, to discover that they were all made from pages of old books? –  Of course, many people have made jewellery from paper for years, but it was the sophistication of the end product, design and concept that fascinated me.

His first inspiration – LOVE . The expression – a paper ring to mark his 1 year wedding anniversary. I hear you say ‘awwww, so sweet, so romantic, so creative, and how outside the box is that’ well… these were my thoughts. *

I love the fact that Jeremy reads the book first, and then gets his inspiration for the piece based on the story. Most of the books he uses come from Charity shops, sides of roads, booth sales, and recommendations. I can actually send him one of my beloved book, and he’ll work his magic to produce a stunning piece of jewellery .


Each piece really is a labour of love and takes between 6 – 8 weeks to produce. Painstakingly cutting through the individual pages for precision, Laminated, and then covered with a thin layer of Japanese lacquer, to keep it ‘showerproof’.*

I find the lines in the paper fascinating, they remind me of the grains in wood. I think, after wood,  Paper, is my second favourite material.

When I, think of paper jewellery, my mind conjures up paper mache pieces, clumsily painted over – These are so refined, and if I didn’t know better, I’d struggle to believe they were made out of paper. *

I couldn’t get a better jewellery box for these, even if I tried, these all sit beautifully in situ and  are so aesthetically pleasing, mine will certainly be lying around as an installation.

The colour pop actually comes directly from the pictures on each page of the books! *

These pieces are so tactile, I probably won’t be able to stop fiddling with them, as well as making a massive fashion statement!

There is something already beautiful about the display of old books, but to have it on display like this is special.

If I ever owned this, I’ll spend time musing over the words that run through the bangle , and trying to work out what the book was about. *

Attention to detail is everything – even down to the catch on this necklace, all made from the pages of paper.






I seldom wear big pieces of Jewellery, but the paper rings especially, are calling my name. Everything about the concept and craftsmanship is beautiful . They are sustainable, a nod to slow fashion, quirky statement pieces that won’t go out of trend , great conversation starters, saviour of old books, a very considered present, need I say more.

How much are they? – well the starting price is £500, and whilst they don’t come cheap, I think they are well worth it, for what I’d be getting in return. I’ll cherish them for a long time. – oh, and pass down to the next generation.The transformation from book to stand out jewellery is extraordinary, and I hope a get a chance to see part of the process some day.


Jeremy’s work is currently on  display at –

More of his work can be seen @

I first discovered his work @ COLLECT

*Photographer – Eva Mendes

OH, by the way, the book that i cannot put down at the moment – -(ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, by Anthony Doerr)  –Thanks for lending me the book Megan *-*

















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