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One of the items that seems to have dominated my small wardrobe recently, is this full black mesh skirt. I find myself constantly gravitating towards it, and it gets a look in, at least once a week. It is so easy to dress up or down, and flatters my boyish figure beautifully. The interesting truth is, had I not seen this at a press preview, and been given the opportunity of it been gifted to me, I would not have gone down to the shops to buy it for myself, yet now, I can’t stop wearing it!

As a Stylist and Blogger, lots of perks and gifts do come my way, and whilst some of the gifts might not be to my liking, I find myself experimenting with others, that then directly affect my sense of style, and lead to new outfits in my wardrobe.

Whilst I think this skirt is quite girly and goes against my general styles, which are usually more shabby chic, or androgynous,  I must say, I like the mesh fabric, the structure, the colour and the way it sits on the body. It also allows me to create so many outfits, without it being obvious, that I am wearing the same piece, 2 or 3 times a week – That said, I have no problem wearing an outfit twice in a week. Clothes are for wearing, you just need to change a few accessories or make-up. I have had this skirt for just over three months, but it is so versatile, I can see myself wearing it for a long time.
Anyway, I don’t often share images of my day to day outfits, but as I haven’t posted for a while – (and for this I must apologise to all you my lovely readers. I have just been busy on other projects, and doing life. The good news is, I am back and full of ideas, so watch this space, because I’ll be firing out lots of useful content, and more often too – I promise*_*) – and fellow blogger Kinga took these lovely shots, I thought it would be a shame, for them to just sit in my hard drive.


IMG_8392 yellow

Skirt : £24.00 (Also check out the Black Mesh overlay pleat skirt)

IMG_8387 (2)

Sunglasses: (collections/lobamba-panama-tortoise)  £84.99 – and for every pair bought, Toms gives sight saving surgery or medical treatment to someone less fortunate


Lipstick:  (colour:Pop stitch) £9.00 – I feel this brand is a secret that needs to be shared with everyone who likes make-up! They contain no gunk, have deep pigmentation, moisture, and are great value for my money!


Scarf: Came back with me from South Korea, and had been sitting in my drawers until now. Brooch: is actually a ring, and again brought from Top shop many years ago, but hardly wore.


Yellow sweater: (Atwell cashmere sweater) £149.00 – Just need to remember to wash this with care. I have already been guilty of slinging it in the washing machine once! /Tights: £6.00 These tights have Body sensor technology, and keep me warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm! How cool is that!


Shoes : A pair of Angeline Lee ankle shoes, which again I have had for a few years now. Bag: Hennumi millinery who also using offcuts to make accessories. This is one of her earlier designs and is no longer available . Look her up on



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