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Not a perfume connoisseur, but If I may..

Realising a bottle of perfume that I was gifted for a birthday, Christmas or through press is always a dilemma, when the end might be nigh. I start to wonder if I should buy another bottle of the same, go through a few of my mini samples for a while, or embark on the relentless journey to find a new replacement. Perfumes are quite personal, and in instances where the giver hits the right notes, I find myself using it…

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Fashion Okay, let's go shopping

High Flyer

What can I say; I’ve got a fixation for shirts. Don’t possess that many, but wear them constantly. The one thing that frustrates me about most chick shirts however, is the floppy collar that I constantly have to adjust, apart from when I am buttoned all the way up. A new fashion friend of mine told me she had the same problem, so started dawning her boyfriend’s shirt instead. That’s one solution, but size matters. Well, I was walking through…

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