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C is for Circular shoes to click & twist

There’s something to be said for making shoes that just last longer in the first instant, hence my relentless advocating for designers to consider practicality and longevity in their product design. Let’s Consider for a moment the purchase of a premium pair of leather shoes, the prerequisite include a duster bag, instruction on aftercare, as well as re-sole/re-heel services for as long as we keep taking them back. However, the same cannot be said for a pair of premium trainers…

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UPCYCLED COLLECTIONS @ London Fashion week

The Indian summer, combined with everything from Open house, London Fashion week (LFW), Thames festival, London design festival, (with it’s ever growing number of districts) Theatre, Arts, and the abundance of free events, makes September my favourite month of the year. I dare say, this plethora of events constantly lays bear my sometimes indecisive side, causing me to dip my toes here , there, everywhere, and never fully immersing myself. I often need something to focus my schedule around this…

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When my son announced that he had proposed, my first thoughts were, wow! That’s grown up stuff, followed by, are you sure?/ are you happy? okay congratulations. The heightened wave of emotions, were then quickly and brutally dampened by the announcement on the 23rd of March 2019, that we were going into lockdown due to COVID19!, and like most people, the full ramifications  of what ‘LOCKDOWN’ meant didn’t  immediately dawn on me, until further on down the line. Despite the…

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