Swedish Revolution

I recall wearing wooden clogs as a child. So did my sister and a few friends. The clunky sound they made would echo as we walked around, and we would flippantly flip them off to the side, whilst playing, as they were so robust. I was always so proud of them, as I thought they were cool, and gave me a height advantage at the time.

A while ago, I rediscovered the clogs, but with a completely new take on it. The Swedish Hasbeens, are so Retro, and nostalgic, yet perfect for the world we live in right now.

They shout alternative, and I like that alot!! and of course, my favorite material ‘Wood’ features strongly. The story behind the brand will make you smile (  and all the shoes are hand made in Sweden, with ethically sourced wood and leather.

Swedish Hasbeens are part of a Fashion revolution #Fashrev, moving us towards great fashion, without stripping the earth of too much resources.

It’s Fashion Revolution day today (,  so as well as asking, ‘whomademyclothes?, I also ask ‘whomademyshoes? – working progress, but we are getting there.

On a lighter note, join the fashion revolution crew, wear an item of clothing inside out today, showing your labels, tag the brand, and hashtag #whomademyclothes?

Eye Track 038

These mint pearl ones are my favorite, and will become my dress up and down shoes for this summer.

Eye Track 011

Eye Track 001

Eye Track 019

Eye Track 023

Eye Track 026

Eye Track 019

Eye Track 028

Eye Track 043

Eye Track 004

Eye Track 044

Eye Track 029

Eye Track 007

Eye Track 017

Eye Track 031

Eye Track 024

Eye Track 008

Eye Track 040

Eye Track 009

Eye Track 049

Eye Track 047

Eye Track 022Eye Track 016

Eye Track 021

Eye Track 033

Pop up shop @ Boxpark (near Shoreditch High Street. London)

or on line


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