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I had a friend round, a while ago, and we got chatting as some chicks do. Our conversation bounced from one topic to the next, and then she told me about the new guy she was seeing and produced a picture on her phone. I took the phone off her to check him out, and without realising, had moved the handset nearly at an arms length to see the picture clearly. My friend immediately said – “you need to get glasses” …”NO I don’t”, I said, quite taken aback and truly surprised by her statement! ” Yes you do” she said” “why would you think that, I said” looking bewilded…, you are holding the phone at nearly arms length to see him and my first degree was in optomology, so I know you do” said my doctor friend smugly. Hmm.. I went quiet for a while…..then we moved on to other topics.

Over the next few months I noticed it a bit more, and it got me thinking about getting some glasses. I do actually own 2 pairs, but they are purely for fashion and it never entered my mind, that I may need glasses for practical reasons. After a few more weeks, I  reluctantly made my way to a couple of opticians and asked about an eye test, and how much it would cost to have lenses put in one of my fashion glasses.

Whilst waiting, in Spec savers on one occasion, I took the opportunity to scan around, and found myself looking and liking some of the cheaper frames priced at £25 for a single vision lens with anti-scratch coat (had to get the lady to write this bit on a piece of paper, so I get it right..)

This likeness was reinforced, when I worked with lady a few weeks later, who was wearing a pair that probably your granddad would wear, but on her, they looked edgy. I said I liked them, and where were they from? Specs savers, she said “it’s one of those you would normally get on the NHS; She got them for a tenner, saying most others, worked out too expensive  once a prescriptionhas been on the lenses.

So consider this, spotting a pair of NHS glasses, that look edgy, cool, but without the big price tag. The trick is to know how to rock it. If you decide to go for any of these glasses (‘ones with the red dots on the lenses), make sure you keep the rest of you looking on point. Whether this be a snappy haircut, shout out lipstick, quirky earrings, anything, so you look geeky cool, not geeky old.

As for me, I still haven’t gotten round to getting a pair, but when I do, I will be going to spec savers. Oh, did I mention, you could get them for nothing, if you are entitled to certain benefits…..

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