Smarties button

Yes. yes, winter is here and there is no denying it , no matter how much I practice the ” mind over matter’ theory, my jumpers and jackets are back in my closet and my summer, spring, Indian summer, early warm October ….. gear have now been put away.

So. if like me, you unfold your jumpers/cardies, and find a snag or 2 in one of your favourite ones..It’s always awkward patching knit wear, and trying to pull the strand of wool hanging out from the snag through the back with a needle or pin can be fiddly.

Best thing to do, is add a button – small, larger, coloured, patterned – (up to you), stick it on with a safety pin from the inside. And hooray, you can carry on wearing your cosies, and the button would just look like detailing that came with the jumper. smart button eh?


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