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Any thing that will speed up my beauty routine, and still give me glowing skin is always welcome in my world. I lead a busy life, and really don’t have time, especially in the morning for more than a 2 step facial regime.

But Alas, I live in busy London city, and whilst I love it, I struggle with the Hard water, pollution levels, and finding time for alot of TLC.

Herald in the new Smart Clarisonic!  It cleanses within a minute, and I feel pampered.

Early on this month, I was fortunate (I choose the word ‘fortunate’ ,because I never take these opportunities for granted) enough to host a  champagne reception at the Clarisonic counter in House of Fraser Oxford Circus, to pre -launch the new generation of the Clarisonic device, called ‘SMART’  and it is appropriately named too.

Event 178

Me, rocking my beautiful silk jump suit for Deploy Demi-Couture

Event 014 Event 164oo 001Event 176Event 173Event 179 Clarisonic Smart with splashEvent 017Event 159Event 160Event 027Event 157oo 006

The smart device is similar to a sonic or electric  toothbrush, only bigger and gentler. It’s  smart because unlike it’s predecessor, it automatically tells you when to move from one area of the face to the next. Furthermore, It knows to go softer around your checks and work more effectively around the T-zone.

So, why do I like the smart..?

It cleanses my face in 1 minute flat!

It’s aesthetically pleasing, with four little buttons, making it user friendly.

It’s 11 better at removing make up, than hands alone, cleansing my skin from damaging pollution.

I can use my own skin products along side the SMART device.

My skin products, especially Vitamin C serums, absorb 61% more into my skin after a SMART cleanse, (This has been clinically proven).

Clicking on the Smart mode, means a beep sound will tell me when to move to the next area of my face, (which means I, don’t have to think about it)

Pressing done on the turbo button, flushes the water deeper into my pores, and removes more impurities.

I have the option of a manual mode, and can switch between different speeds.

There is also a brush for the rest of my body, when I have time to buff it up.

Other devices currently on the market vibrate and only provide a surface cleanse – The SMART, Oscillates so there is no damage to the skin surface and elasticity. Instead,  the oscillation  flexes the skin pores at a sonic movement of 300 Oscillations per second .This creates fluid forces which work with water and your daily cleanser, flushing out the pores, resulting in a deeper cleanse.

Phew, so there you have the science, from a layman’s point of view..

Now a bit more about how did evening unfolded, including more champagne, pampering sessions with the SMART, make up by LANCOME,  hair treatments and styling by AVEDA & the raffle draw.

Event 033

My guest were greeted with glasses of Champagne & yummy canapes

oo 002

Event 142

Event 039

Event 152

Event 141

The wonderful Clarisonic ladies, Liza and Zoe, gave a presentation on the SMART device.

Event 017

Event 028

The Smart device for the face

Event 020

Event 012

Event 015

Event 038  Event 043     Event 179  Event 146

Event 153

Everyone was presented with a goody bag, including our lovely guests who could not make it at the last minute.

Event 164

Liza took each guest down to the treatment room, to experience the SMART device and a relaxing massage.

Event 165

Event 163

Event 160

Liza finished off the Smart treatment, by applying LANCOME’s Advance Genifique serum to the face.

Event 159

LANCOME also pampered the guests with Champagne, and make overs of their choice.

Event 175Event 044

More yummy food from AVEDA, including their signature Licorice tea, which I love!

Event 172

Lovely Laura and her Team at AVEDA, used a special camera, to zoom 160 times into the guest scalps, offering advice on the conditions of their scalps, and easy styling.

Event 173

Braid hairstyle by Laura at AVEDA

Event 155

Event 157

Braid hairstyle by Laura at AVEDA

oo 006

And congratulation to Kathleen, who was the winner of the SMART pre-launch raffle draw, winning LANCOME  products worth over £150. Enjoy Kathleen!

And finally,the SMART Clarisonic, is more of a high end product and cost £199.

What will you be getting for your dosh?

Smart Profile Device

Smart Dynamic Facial Brush Head:

Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head:

USB Enabled pLink® Charger

Refreshing Gel Cleanser | 30 ml

Refining Skin Polish | 60 ml

And for me, more importantly, a 1 minute deep cleanse day and night, recusing me for the city pollution, and slowing down that aging clock.

The SMART Clarisonic officially launches nation wide today.



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