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On my many errands today, I popped into a shopping centre, to get my staple merino wool tights for M & S ( brown today, and last week a black pair – can do without them), opps apologies for digressing – walking along, I saw 2 sales assistants standing in the front of a shoe shop, appreciating the display in their window. So I looked too, and saw nada that really grabbed me, but found myself wondering into the shop, just because…. and I was just about to walk out, when my eye caught these babies…

Less is totally more. I like the simplicity of these brogues, but they make a massive statement. The colours on the heels are shocking, but the toned down cream patent or cloudy grey on the pink, make it work. And of course, the shoe laces are coloured, but not fussy.

Great thing about the shoes is that they are quite versatile, I would so rock all of them, even the ones with pink heels, which is normally a ‘no no’ colour for me. My only concern, are the heels, if like me, you buy a pair of shoes and rock them for months, the heels soon get worn down, and I find myself at the cobblers every couple of months replacing the soles of my everyday Rockefellers.

What to do, when the heels on these wear down…. hmmmm, not sure, I guess I could have the lower part of the heel replaced, and have a two toned colour going on (as the cobblers are highly unlikely to be able to match the colour of the heels) or I’ll have to dye the whole heel a different colour, change the colour of the laces, and voila, a new pair of shoes are born.

I do think that shoe designers should consider putting a pair of spare heels in, it will save a lot of bother, and I won’t have a pile of shoes that I love, sleeping under my bed due to worn out heels that cannot be replaced.

Okay more importantly, these are from (Yep, a brand name, but yippee, it’s not written anywhere in sight) Kurt Keiger, £110. Despite everything I just typed, I am still getting one or two pairs. WHAT…I’m a girl, so sue me…. -_-



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