As one of my birthday gifts, Max (a friend) gave me this knitted ring. I unwrapped the pretty tissue it came in, and she said ” oh this lady at my church knits bits and bobs,, I know you like odd things, so I brought you this thumb ring”. Thanks Max.

I wore it on my thumb a few times, but it never quite felt right, so it sat in my accessory basket for 2 yrs.

On one of those random popping into shop days because it had a sale sign in the window, I walked into Accessorize, and both a pair of studs for 50pence. I didn’t think I’d ever use them, but they cost 50pence, so what the heck….

Needless to say, they sat another year in my basket, until I tried the ring on again this year, on another finger, thought it looked okay actually, but needed some jazzing up. Hey presto, my cheap humble studs did the job perfectly.

This got me looking at rings on other peoples fingers. I like the simplicity yet grand statements these rings make, and the simple materials they are sourced from.




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