Last year I wrote a post called Bestival, and mused on what I would take with me, if I could just push myself far out enough of my comfort zone to camp in a tent. This  year, I actually get to live Glastonbury, and as I pack my festival essentials, I am filled with excitement and dread at the same time.

Having closely been following all media covarage on this event – and  hearing that people have been stuck in traffic for 12 hours!! does not enthuse me . I searched under #tagged Glastonbury on Instagram yesterday morning and saw dragging of bags on trolleys through muddy paths, as if heading out on an expedition; lots of  very wet and muddy people, and this is just to get to the grounds. Dare I say, this feels me with anxiety, and we all know how hard it has been raining lately.

Be that as it may, I chose to focus on the music and the general vibe of the festival. I am sure it will be an experience either way and I’ll make some amazing connections . I just hope I’ve equipped myself well enough to cope with any weather, toilet, shower and what ever else Glastonbury throws at me situation. My one consolation, is that I will be camping higher up, and I’m told it’s much better than being lower done. hmmm.

Needless to say,  I am NOT at all a camping , kind of chick. I think I can just about manage one night at the most, so this is going to be a real test of endurance. My numero uno concern is my sleeping gear, so it will come as no surprise that the first thing I sourced was a good tent.

Coming with me, is this Orla Kiely two  man tent. I figured the patterned would keep my cheery, should I be laying in it, when the pitter patter of any rain descends. Apparently,  it has the waterproof rating of 3000mm, which should keep me dry, but I’ll be the judge of that. The tent is easy to erect, for a lay men like me, and has enough room for me to shuffle around.

Orla Kiely Olive and Orange A-Frame Tent, -ú100, Halfords Orla kiely framed two man tent – £65.00


Next up, is my sleeping bag. – not that I’ll be getting that much sleep, but my prerequisites are – Light weight, warm, rain proof, comfy, zip both ways. This sleeping bag ticks all my boxes. At £140.00, I do think it is a bit pricey, but nothing beats a good night sleep. Moreover, I consider it , a little investment, as I plan to hit a few festivals this year. (If I get through this one)!




Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Long -ú150 Womens Laminina Z Flame Sleeping Bag – £140.00


My Lights consist of a 1 year old Varta L.E.D Flash light. I sometimes shine into the sky at night, and can see the beams far ahead. I haven’t had to change the Varta batteries in the whole year that I have had it, and a certain little person, as been known to take it into their own little tent on many occasions or read with it under the covers.



4-Watt-LED-High-Optics-Light-3C – 4 watts L.E.D optics torch light – £30.00


Keeping me connected to the rest of the world, will be my iPhone, coupled with two batteries for back up juice. This blue shock  resistant solar power bank , will apparently give me up to three phone charges . It draws it’s power from the sun, but also has a USB cable to connect to an alternative source.

The Varta power pack, which also charges times three @ 100%, is dust and water proof (can withstand drops up to  2m high) – and  holds it’s charge for up to six months!  Admittedly, the power pack is a bit heavy, but I’d rather bear a bit more weight that have less phone juice. ( I’ve road tested this one many times, it works, and I feel quite confident bringing it along with me).

s-l225 battery             Blue Solar Power Bank Cut-Out Indestructable power pack 2000 – £ Halfords Shock resistant Solar powerpack – £20.00


As a newbie to Glastonbury, I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to get a hot drink, especially, if it gets cold, which tends to make me a bit grumpy. Solution – S’well bottle. I road tested this when I had a stall at my local park last week. At 7 am, I filled the  25 0Z bottle with hot tea, and the 17 0Z bottle with a cold fizzy drink.  Despite, me opening the tea bottle to take sips on many occasions, it stayed hot still the next day! In fact, I had to use a cup for the first five/six mini drinks, as it was two hot to sip from the bottle.

In my bid to deal with the punters at the fayre, and with typical London weather – I forgot all about the cold fizzy drink in the smaller bottle. However, whilst unpacking my food cooler at home, I came across it, and decided to take a swig, and out came that hissing sound, you get when you open a bottle of carbonated drink for the first time. It held it’s fizz, and temperature, and was still going, when I had the drink the following evening! I will definitely draw comfort from these pratical and aesthetically pleasing bottles. The 25 0Z bottle is quite weighty, so I’m only taking the 17 0z which is lighter and let’s face it, wont look awkward, when I am standing in front of a queue, and negotiating how much it will cost to fill up.(Yes, this is my plan, and I’ll also take a few teabags along, in case I can just buy hot water. – I’m I being naive or smart? time will tell).

17oz_CupidsArrow17oz_RoseGold btw $35.00 – $40.00


For my waterproofs, I am  taking an old poncho, that has travelled with  me for many years, and this beautiful Stutterheim three quarter length raincoat to keep me dry. I intend to wear wellies, all the way and really favour these Bubble bee wellies. They are super warmmy warmmy, have a strong grip (for all that slippery mud), and the flexible calf area will makes them more comfortable to wear.In addition, I will be taking a few plastic bags, should they get wet on the inside, and of course for wet clothes. On the other hand, maybe I do need to take my hiking boots with me…..

stutterheim_mosebacke_burgundy_rollover Mosebacke burgundy three quater length raincoat – £210

U_NEOLA_BLCKBEE_C_CLP Neolla Neoprene wellies – in the sale @ £39.95


In addition to the above, I of course will be taking a roll mat; my Uniglo heat tech vests (which I particularly live in!); my mixed merino woolly tights, a few merino wool jumpers, which are light weight, but very warm. One chunky jumper for comfort, and some other spare clothes. Have I missed anything out….

I think I’ve mitigated, to the best of my ability, anything that Glastonbury weather throws at me with the above gear. But then again, I am not an experienced camper, so I am sure some of you are reading this now and thinking – but what about this? or that? she hasn’t packed this…. – I guess I’ll have to learn through experience.

Anyway, now that the gear is sorted, I want to share with you, some of the pieces I’ll be wearing , how I want decorate my hair, and the two essentials that travel the world with me. My plan is to keep the focus on my face, and be practical with my clothes.

This handmade mobile phone pouches from Guatamala are so cool, and the designs scream festival. They make a great fashion statement and are functional, so I won’t have to fiddle around in my bag for my phone to take pictures. However,  when it starts to rain, I’ll have to stick it underneath my raincoat!

Maria's Bag Cellphone Holder Santa Catarina Palopo CLH14a -ú75 Maria's Bag Cellphone Holder Chichicastenango CLH12a -ú75 Maria's Bag Cellphone Holder Tactic CLH7c -ú75  – £75.00


I chose to wear my hair short, but this always presents a challenge when it comes to accessories or changing my hair styles. I can of course wear hats or colour my hair, but been there, done that. So for Glastonbury, I am opting for easy to achieve, easy to carry, statement accessories to get me in the festival mood. I really like this glitter, as you literally have to just put in you hair and go. It contains  a mixture of glittery holographic gold stars, diamonds circles , and can be used on eyes, nails, body,  literally where ever else I  please. In my case, the glitter will be going along the vertical clean line, that cuts through my short mohican.




GLITTER - GOLD LILETH 2 Purple Unicorn chunck glitter/Gold Lileth, chunky Glitter (4g)  –  £5.50



I have always been wary of coloured hair spray, until I discovered Fudge urban. The simple, yet magic tool for me however, is the stencil that comes with. It allows me to add a pop of colour and designto my hair instantly. Again, the can is light, and the rose stencil feather weight. It comes in 2 colours but I favour purple. Best part is,  I can make my own stencils. However I haven’t had time to make more stencils, so the rose pattern stencil will suffice.

oo 007 image2 Fudge Urban Textured spray 150ml – £3.48


These  tattos are perfect for me, as there is zero movement in my hair. It takes less than a minute to apply, and if left alone can last for  up to 3 days. The  A5 flat  sheet has up to twelve different desgins on it, and is  an instant conversation starter. I’m taking a sheet with me – one never knows when one would say, oh would you like one, to someone else, when the conversation  kicks off…



00x 133 hair and body tattoo – £5.00

Gold Leaves Double Chain Ear Cuff with Stud 8.50USD

These cuffs get rocked all the time, and take up no space at all, so they are coming with me. Ear cuffs



Instant eye pop. it’s in my bag. great thing is, it comes in a pack of two and can be reused.

GOLD SPHINX Gold Sphinx eye Jewels pack of 2 £7.50


FullSizeRender (3)

Orrrrr, this was kindly given to my by teamflourecent, a few days ago, when I accidentally stumbled upon their office, whilst looking for somewhere else. I popped in to say hi, we got chatting and Glastonbury came up. They said, oh, ‘why don’t you take these festival essentials with you’ , and so I will. Thanks guys. I’m especially looking forward to the glitter lips. I don’t intend to take a lot of make up with me, but my ZOEVA Lipstick (Pop Stitch) , BAREMINERALS brow pencil (frame & define brow styler) , NARS purple eye liner (Night bird), my GOSH Lip oil and my NYX eye shadow will all be coming with.

I am sparing you all the details, by not mentioning my hand wipes, loo roll, moisturiser, roll on, perfume……… shall I carry on? No I I will spare you , but the two things I absolutely cannot do without, no matter where is the world i am, are, yes, Simple baby wipes, and febreeze fabric spray. They are extremely practical in many situations, and indulge some of my many idiosyncrasies beautifully.

See you at Glastonbury!!!





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