Okay, let's go shopping

Okay, let’s go shopping

Truth be told, I am not a fan of big labels. One just pays ridiculously high prices for brand i think. And why should one, when there are loads of smaller designers in London, creating amazing quirky and quality stuff and the same par, for a fraction of the price.Needless to say,  for years I have dodged the big labels, instead, indulging myself in little boutiques all around town.I’d heard of Dover Street near Green park Station for yonks, but was never intrigued.
Anyway, blah blah… I read an article on line that prompted me to check it out this September, and I admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I saw loads of things that I liked and would wear in Comme des garcon, uh hm, and beautifully tailored short skirts that actually fitted my waist and I wouldn’t have to alter. oh joy… AND NO VISIBLE BRAND LABELS, more joy .Didn’t buy anything though, Way to expensive…. maybe in the sale, yea, maybe….

Then, I walked through Dover street, checked out all the shops and found myself on New bond street,hmmm, more nice stuff. walked into Mulberry and saw this bronze skirt…………beautiful belissimo.I had to try it on. and yes, it fitted perfectly. I would so rock this skirt, you can wear it in some many ways.I really like the pleats and shape. So simple, yet so versatile to wear. And what with all the xmas parties around the corner. Perfect.
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Uno -personally, I will rock this skirt for forever… however it cost £495.00, did i buy it..HMMM you guess

Dos-  this skirt will look fanatasic on you, provided you haven’t got too much going on behind you…

Tres – I saw a cheaper alternative in Oasis for £45.00, still quite nice, but shorter, with the pleats starting mid way through the skirt, and it is not as fluid as the Mulberry Skirt.Choices, choices…

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