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If I got stuck on an island, the one thing I would crave for after food and water, would be a moisturiser! I simply cannot do without! The absence of it makes my skin feel one size smaller, and my lips go into hibernation.Having naturally, dry/Normal skin, a moisturiser is what stops the dial swinging from Normal to Dry. – The horror of pausing, whilst out and about,rummaging through my make-up bag and discovering that I have nothing to use on my hands/lips, is too much to bare!

For  these reasons, my carry around make-up bag contains at least 3 lip moisturisers, 2 small bottles of scented oils , and 2 tubes of hand cream, amongst many other things. Whilst not intentional ,the swapping of bag ritual every other day compounds the quantity. –  I constantly have to empty out my make up bag and choose which moisturisers to take, based on the size of my bag on any giving day; so to reassure myself, I throw in an additional  mini size of something each day. (let’s not talk about the full size hand cream I also carry around in addition….)
Albeit the content of my make-up bag being mini sizes, I didn’t realise how many I carried around, until a conversation with a client, which digressed a bit, and led to me showing her one of the oils I currently use. She commented out how many oils, lotions, and lip chaps I had in there, and that took even me by surprise. In retrospect, I guess it makes me realise how important they are to me.

Needless to say, I was pleased to observe that oils have become very popular in the last few years.  They make a good alternative to moisturisers, especially, when they sink in so effortlessly.Personally, a  good oil needs to be multi -functional.  I need to be able to use it on my face, body, infuse into my moisturiser,  rub into my natural Afro hair and on  a 6 yr old without any adverse reactions, and they need to smell nice. Moreover, my mornings are usually a bit frantic and I sometimes don’t have enough time to use different products on different parts on my body. In light of my love for moisturisers, I have spent the last six months road testing different types of oils and would like to share some of my findings with you.



Face Serum Oil Delicate & Box L45 (1) Face Serum Oil Balance & Box L45 Face Serum Oil Nourish & Box L45


Stockists – prices range between £32.50 – £45.00

I wish these were around when I was growing up, as it would have made my adolescent years a lot smoother. I had really sensitive skin, and  reacted to most moisturisers, except the boring crudely pressed coconut oil my parents bought me, which did the job, but had such a poignant smell. The AromaWorks oils do have a strong, yet  pleasant smell  and everything that could possibly irritate my skin has been thought of and eliminated. These oils contain no parabens or  sulphate, and are petrochemical, mineral oil , nut, gluten, and animal cruelty FREE.They reduce the signs of ageing, get rid of eczema and can be used by pregnant women.

What I like……

The face oil for sensitive skin sinked in nicely and provided enough moisture without the need for an additional face cream. I felt refreshed, radiant and the smell always put me in a good mood. On occasions, when I had wondered off to try some other products, and reacted to them, I found solace in these oils, as they were comforting and got ride of the irritations.

The body oil absorbs well on it’s  own and as a mixer with my daily moisturiser which I used daily on my 6 year old. Personally, this whole brand AromaWorks  is a  well kept secret that everyone needs to know about.They are 100% pure essential oils, contain natural ingredients, are ethically sourced, and reasonable priced! which tick all my criteria boxes.

My gripe……

My only gripe is that the bottles come with a nozzle pump, which encourages me to use a lot more than I Probably should be using.



The Gosh Lip oils are fairly new on the market, and I had my misgivings . Having been a victim of many lanolin based  glosses , with horrible reactions, sticky lips, and residue on my teeth, I have avoided lip glosses like a plague for years .However, as I had been road testing different oils for the last six months with very positive results to my skin, I felt I had nothing to lose. I was excited to explore the possibility of using something other than a lipstick, or chap stick again, but wondered if they would be any different to just applying a body oils on my lips, which I had been doing for months.  I was very also curious to see what set these Lip oils apart, from most of the lip glosses currently on the market.



LipOilClear LipOilRose

Exclusive to 4ml @£7.49

What I liked…

After 4 weeks of using the Gosh Lip oils, I was pleasantly surprised that my lips did not flare up! Apparently – a combination of the Nordic super food called Seabuck thorn, Argan oil, marcadamia oil, Vitamin E and a few other ingredients, actually means it helps repair dry and cracked lips.

I particularly liked the clear lip oil, because it has just a hint of smell,  adds moisture, is not too shiny and gives a very natural look. I would say the main difference between these lip oils, and other lip glossy on the market, is that they are not as sticky. – and was proven, when that gush of wind that is usually heralded in by the underground trains, hit my face and I didn’t have to retrieve any debris and strands of other commuters hair from my lips. They are very hydrating, and also last longer on the lips than the body oils. The clear Lip oil has now become a permanent feature in my carry around make up bag. At £7.49 a pop, it might come across as pricey for Superdrug, but in comparison to the high end lip gloss brands on the market, this product is actually very good value for money.

My Gripe….

The tinted lip oils look like fun, and have a slight fruity smell. However, if like me, you have darker lips, you won’t benefit from the tints, as they appear the same as the clear one.



The first thing that stood out to me, when I came across  this oil, was the packaging. It’s really pretty and opens up like a flower, with a nice floral illustration on the inside.The second thing, was the smell. I had been trying out a hand full of antioxidant facial oils for a while, and they all had quite a raw smell to them. Whilst I can appreciate, that the more natural the product is, the better the product would be  – the smells were putting me off. The Bamford facial oil manages to capture the right balance of the rose scent, so what you get is a very lightly scented oil.

This oil is 98% organic and contains Antioxidants and omega fatty acids.I am never sure I fully understand all the ingredient in the products I try or retain, but I mainly go by the results I can see.

Facial Oil 1 Facial Oil 2 30ml @ £50.00

What I like….

I tended to use this oil on my face  in the morning/Night, even though I have been know to rub it into my hair and on my lips, when in hurry. I liked the glow it brought to my face, and I never felt the need to wear my make-up  when I had it on in the morning. My skin did feel plumper, moisturised and I sometimes used this oil,  followed by a different brand of facial cream which my face did not seem to mind.

My gripe…..

This  oil is a little bit shiny on the face, and I only used it when I had not intention to powdering my face.



I have been an avid fan of AVEDA for the last 15 odd years and have generally been happy with most of their products. I first tried the stress fix cream a few years ago, but found the smell too strong, as I have a heightened sense of smell.


Stress Fix Composition 0r 50ml @£23.00

What I liked….

Whilst I am not keen on Lavender, the addition of sage to the French Lavender, seems to make the oil format a winner, and I have been using this one since last Christmas . The consistency of the oil is slightly thicker compared to most oils, so I only needed a bit, and the little nozzle at the top of the bottle ensures that you don’t pour out too much at a time. This oil is currently mixed in with my daily body moisturiser , used in my hair, rubbed on my bathroom  radiator in the morning, – (which permeates the air and keeps me relaxed, whilst I am trying to get myself and the 6 year old ready in the morning.) – used on the 6 yr old every morning, rubbed on my hurting toes, after a stiletto dancing night out!, and a massage oil.Essentially, it is a good all rounded to have. This oil  sits comfortably on my dressing table and is used on a daily basis.

My gripe…..

It costs £23.00 for a 50ml bottle, which meant I had to be quite frugal with it.




This plant based  oil blend from down under smells significantly better than it’s fellow counterpart within the range, hence I found myself experimenting a bit more with it.

The CoQ10 has a bit more science to it, and is targeted at mature skin. The main ingredient ‘Glycablend’ , which contains  Chai red, strawberry seed, Blueberry seed, and Pomegranate seed oils , is a potent new plant oil blend developed specially to combat ‘Glycation  (the bonding of sugar molecules to protein or Lipid – I had to look this up in *-*) .  Glycation is a naturally-occurring process in which the by-products of digested glucose (carbohydrates and sugars) attach to the collagen and elastin molecules in the skin, causing fibres to harden and lose their suppleness. Effects of the glycation process at the cellular level of the skin’s structure may result in wrinkling, loss of elasticity, stiffness, accelerated ageing and compromised barrier function.

Glycablend™ is exclusive to Trilogy, has been formulated to subdue the process of Glycation, improving the skin’s overall texture, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restoring radiance.


CoQ10 Booster Oil Dropper CoQ10 Booster Oil, 20ml @ £29.50

What I like…….

Although I have only been using this for a couple of weeks, it is definitely a keeper.It sunk in immediately, was non greasy, and I could powder my face straight after application, without the nuisance of my make-up brush getting greasy . It brightened up my face (which sometimes gets a bit grey in the winter months) and was surprisingly moisturising for a non greasy oil. I mainly used it in the day, because  I found the other oils a bit greasy to use with face powders. My face felt plumper, more supple and it lasted still the end of day.The 20ml bottle is a good size for travelling and I will happily pop this is my overnight or holiday bag.



I was introduced to this oil at a PR press event. I had no prior knowledge of it, but the story behind the brand arouse my curiosity, and caused me to probe further. Ingredients include brown sugar mixed in with evening primrose, apricot kernel, sweet almond, ginseng  & Jojoba. The  brown sugar inspiration came from the founders’ childhood spent with their grandparents, who used sugar as a natural antiseptic. I also learnt that Sugar is also a natural  substance that helps to attract and seal in moisture.


1234-SUGAR-BODY-OIL 100ml @£39.00

What I liked….

This concentrated oil had quite a strong, yet citrus and fresh smell to it. Being a lover of rich moisturisers, I liked the density of the oil, and felt quite moisturised through out the day. – Especially, when I applied it straight after a shower. I always felt a bit guilty when I washed it off whilst having my second shower at night (yep! I am a two shower a day kinda girl). I mixed some of it in with my Aveeno moisturiser for the smell, and used it on it’s own, as a perfume. It also found it’s way on to the body and hair of yummy 6 year old, who concurred that it smelt quite nice.

The 100ml bottle made me feel I could indulge and apply more generously, and we have already gone through two bottles. This one is also a keeper.



I must say there were so many other oils that I tried and loved, and others, that caused a negative reaction on my skin. Other loved ones include:

Aromatherapy Associates Clear mind and bath oil &  Inner strength oil roll on oil – which resides permanently in my make-up bag.

Dr Jackson (which I need to use for a bit longer)

Pai’s (but the smell put me off)

Balance Me extra radiance facial oil, which works quite well, but I could not adjust to that very raw smell.

SOVERAL regenerating face oil – which works as a good night time oil.

In all honesty, I am not sure if any oils reduce the fine lines of ageing, I guess if my skin looks plumper, than that would minimize the outward appearance of fine lines, and be interpreted as such. Perhaps I’ll cross this bridge again, when I have a lot more fine lines on my face, and see what the results might be.  In the mean time, I get a lot of pleasure from using all the oils,my skin feels like the right size, and I can still feel the moisture and aroma from the oils , at the end of play.

All I need to do now is drink more water!!!! and That, I find, is a task.


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