Mention Hand muffs and my mind conjures up words like vintage, fur faux, and  – where do I put it, when my hands are not in it? – Despite my emotion for them, I could never quite bring myself round to owning one, because, what else can you do with it?.

Well! When I saw this in a boutique, a year and a half ago, I changed my mind, and snapped it up immediately.  The modern design, versatility, lightweight and the green was screaming out my name. I must say, it sat in my wardrobe all that while, until a few weeks ago, when the cold snap in London really took hold, and I discovered, my woolly gloves had grown holes!

This hand muff morphs into a bag & has become a very dear friend in need. I use it for day and evening wear, and I can get quite a lot into it, so I don’t need to carry another bag.

Not that’s anything wrong with the vintage muffs, but it’s refreshing to see the new interpretation, that fits nicely into my wardrobe & is practical too.

I have also seen a few others that I like, and they all seem to be handmade one offs, so you won’t find 10 other people carrying the same one *-*

Mine is from Hennumi, a sister label to She uses off cuts from deploys demi– couture designs to make accessories.

MTK Design – The justaposition of gothic Skull & Hearts design, with “Love thy neighbour” written all over it, made me smile…
£25.33 (

Harris Tweed Hand Muff from Ten10creations – £22.00 (
Like the story behind this brand.

CutupProductions – knitted handmuff with key charm -£32.00 ( -Fairtrade retro hand muffs – £22.40

DansLesPommes -Vegan hand muff – Made from recyled acrylic sweater – £30.53 (

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