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Whilst not a big fan of floral prints, over the years, I have come to have an appreciation for them . The reason being, this collaborating era that we find ourselves in, which allows different artistic worlds to collide, re-interpret floral prints and birth amazing masterpieces. How fun is it that Artists and photographers, are no longer confined to galleries, and private collections – , that Street-wear meets couture, that there is an alchemy of Architecture and fashion, that lifestyle brands and fashion houses can be in sync – I must say, we are living in exciting times.

In honour of this, I would like to share some of the pieces, that have put a smile on my face, and allowed me to come closer to appreciating floral prints. Those who know me, would know, that I am a big Liberty fan. I admire the beautiful Mock-Tudor exterior made from wood (my favourite material ever!), the wooden floors, stairs, atrium roof, and all that it contains.  I feel quite at home in there, so where better to start my appreciation, other than at Liberty, where they make floral prints look so delicious. The collaborations and use of Liberty Art prints by others, put liberty in a new realm, and continue to beckon in a new audience.


Karen Walker x Liberty Harvest- -ú210-

fun, FUN, FUN, is what these Karen Walker collaboration scream out to me. (Collaboration)

Karen Walker x Liberty - Super Duper Strength Liberty print sunglasses -ú210-

Available at  £210


Available at   £195



French Sole/Liberty ballet pumps, elegant and feminine. I particularly like the nude pair

with  just the floral trimmings and a simple bow. (Collaboration)


Available at £125.00


Available at £125.00




Samsonite Limited edition –  I will be quite pleased and proud to whiz any of these around the airport. They come in a soft & hard shell, and  the B-Lite soft shell is one of the lightest on the market. The floral print really softens the look of the cases, and I think they will look even better with age, when they’ve be bashed around a bit. The vanity case also sits tidily on top of the cabin cases. (Use of Liberty Art Prints)


Available at   – Starting price from £59 for the beauty case..


Mi – Pac/Liberty Duffle bag is more parsley than floral, but it certainly makes a statement on the  shoulder, and it’s water proof, for the lovely London weather. Available at £69.99 (Collaboration)

oo 007

These Mens Sperry  lace ups/ pull on’s  are not for the faint hearted!, but talk about ‘expressing yourself’! Seacoast Liberty Floral (Navy & Berry) – £65.00 – available at 

oo 009


(Use of Liberty Art print)


oo 010


Seaside Liberty Floral (Navy & Berry) – £65.00 – available at

oo 008

Herschel/Liberty – Goodbye ugly rucks, hello bright and cheerful sack! I particularly like the contrast between the bold print, and the little delicate flowers on the main body of the sack. It says – ‘I am not shouting out too loud’. (Collaboration)


Liberty Herschel

Available at


Acne x Liberty biker- -ú2,700-

Alas, these  famous Acne Studios/Liberty biker jackets are amazing pieces of Art. I like the muted floral and  colour variations. They are feminine, yet masculine, and can be worn by all ages. Shame they are sold out, Anyone fancy selling theirs? (Collaboration)

Acne x Liberty- -ú2,700-

Liberty Pack-37

It took me years to get into sports/street wear – but I really dig the muted floral print on these Nike pieces



The Nike collection, although a recent collaboration, sold out before they could even hit the ground. On well, I can still appreciate them.


oo 001



oo 005GOLA have used  a Liberty print to create these fun and bright, easy to wear slip on’s. Walker Liberty SR Available from end of August 2015





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