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With the beautiful London weather not baiting, my quest to seek out a new pair of wellingtons accelerated to urgent. Having ruined half my shoes in the rain,  hoping the rain rain will go away, optimistic as I am, I have accepted that the rain will come for many more days and perhaps weeks? Months? hmmm.

Anyway, my love for wellingtons – (Patterned ones)-  started about 12yrs ago, when a friend and I went to Barcelona. Our hotel was right at the end of the metro line, but we decided to casually stroll into town. What started a stroll, became a 2hr trek, and on this slightly drizzly day, our shoes were welching, by the time we arrived in La Ramblas.

We went into the first shoe shop we could find, Helen brought a new pair of shoes, I opted for a pair of patterned wellingtons, and I was completely initiated! In the days that followed in Barcelona, I came to love my new wellies, and I realised, it also resolved the problems I had with skinny claves, and finding a pair of boots to fit around them.

Back in London, my wellingtons became my new pair of boots. Armed with  chunky socks,  I rocked them a lot, (apart from the summer of course.. did someone say summer? in London?

I have had at least 5 pairs since then, choosing patterns carefully, avoiding the very floppy ones that bend when you walk in them, or the ones that everyone else is rocking, or dangling with a big label…..

I tended to buy them from a regatta or camping shop, and got by just fine. I wear them until they literally fall apart, soldering them together with  gaffer tape, when they crack for wearing them in the snow, and more recently, lining  them with 2 shopping bags, so the rain doesn’t sip in!!!

Okay, maybe that’s recycling gone to far, but I have loved my last pair of green patterned wellies, until I saw THESE…

Completely, the opposite of patterned, so understated, yet a massive statement.  you can  be as individual as you like with these, because they are  a blank canvass.

I also love the fact that I can see the whole design of my socks, for the first time. (I always think it is a shame, that you cannot see the beautiful designs, on the feet of your socks in shoes.)

So here are my new plastic wellies, called ‘drip drop’, they landed in the Uk a few weeks ago from china, and reside in a shop in The stables (Camden Town). They currently have 2 clear styles, and a few see through patterned ones. I actually preferred the clear round toed ankle ones, but the biggest size they come in at the moment is a UK 39, and the DM style UK size 40. I just about, I mean really, just about made it into the size 40!!

The DM style retails at  £34.99, and the ankle wellies £29.99, and you get to choose 3 pairs of coloured laces for free to go with your new wellies.

I know it is only a matter of time, before they probably litter the high street, but at least I can put my own spin on it, every single time. *-*

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