Kimchee treats

Having finally gotten over my jetlag, I reflect on my experiences in South Korea. I enjoyed people watching, soaking up the fashion, the food, & atmosphere. My only regret, is that I didn’t capture half of the fashion that got me excited, like the beautiful modern take on traditional Korean designs, the shoes (of which I could possess none, size 8, is impossible to find) the hair accessories, and of course, the idiosyncrasies, i.e. matching couples outfits and underwear, skirt leggings??? Eccentric nail designs, the list goes on.

Half the time, I was preoccupied with trying to understand and listen out for which subway station or bus stop to alight, which train to take, explaining my destination to taxi drivers, and dragging my bags from one city to the next.- (I really must start travelling a lot lighter) – It also took me a few days to orientate myself and pluck up the courage to ask for photos. Try explaining that in Korean*-^

That said, I eagerly anticipate my return to SK. I wonder what the fashion is like in the North Korea? Hmmm.

*-*Here’s a snap shot of some of the things that made me smile…..KIMCHEE

SKorea 341

SKorea 482

SKorea 460

SKorea 635

SKorea 485

cropped SKorea 556

cropped SKorea 636

SKorea 496SKorea 059

Copy of SKorea 558SKorea 623

cropped SKorea 492

SKorea 386

SKorea 632

cropped SKorea 567SKorea 060

SKorea 640

SKorea 624


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