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Vera & I found this boy’s brigade belt in Greenwich market, whilst meandering around. She tried it on first and said it was too small, then I tried it on, and it was a perfect fit. It cost me a fiver, and it took a while to persuade the stall owner to sell it separately. It came as part of a whole set, and apparently, the owner wanted it to be sold together. How sweet & nostalgic, it made me wonder who it once belonged to and the sentiments they may have had attached to it (opps I am going off track)

Anyway I really like the contrast of the chunky battered leather, against the shiny clasp, which has embossed on it – The Boy’s Brigade. How cool is this wrapped around a floral dress or lower down the waist on trousers.

Now, go and raid granddad’s old boy scouts, brigade or whatever stash, (after you’ve asked sweetly of course), and cinch in that waist. Happy spring.

Ps. I discovered yesterday, that the belt is actually adjustable, it just needed a firm hand to move it along. Hmmm sorry Vera.

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