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Hooray!! LONDON FASHION WEEK kicked off and ended this week. It’s always exciting to see all the designs, colours, fabrics, textures and draw inspiration from them.

However, I am of the school of thought, that with most things in Life,  one should be as individual as you can be (in an organic way). Of course, one is  inspired by everything that surrounds one, but I believe it should enhance one’s individuality, not cause one to conform. Needless to say, the word ‘Trend’ often bothers me.

There will undoubtedly be many trends off the back of LFW, and more so, off London fashion weekend which kicked off yesterday.  I think it is often hard to keep up with all the trends! I say, much easier to get off the trend machine, wear what you like, regardless of whether it’s in fashion or not, this seasons’ or three seasons before, this year’s colour or last year’s – it doesn’t really matter.

Experimenting and finding your own style is much more fun, less stressful, and satisfying. You don’t have to be eccentric to stand out, (even though that also works), but adding simply details to your style, and thinking outside the box, brings something different to the table.

Natuarally, I am always inspired, when I come across someone who puts their own flavour and interpretation on fashion. So, in addition to all the amazing collections I have seen this week @LWF, I thought it would be nice to add GoToAsato into the mix.

Her new collection is called – Mabataki, which means BLINK.

Event 123

Event 064

Event 113

Event 122


Event 130

Event 128

Japanese born, London fashion schooled, Indian turban wearing individual


I simply like her style, and I use the word ‘SIMPLY’ because it is just so, yet it’s effective and stands out beautifully.

turban 017

Asato wears most of her own designs, and they are great pieces for layering, so you get a few looks, out of one outfit. Layering helps to transform an outfit, and customizes an ‘on trend’ piece, into something more quirky.

Event 066

She incorporates vintage Japanese fabrics, normally used as undergarments for Kimonos, into a lot of her pieces. These are ethically sourced, and a labour of Love.

Event 118

Event 119

Her style is a fusion of Asia, middle east, western, indigenous and contemporary. I find, Borrowing from different cultures always throws up a new and original look, which makes you stand out.

Event 115

Attention to detail, always makes a difference to your style. It shows your individuality. You don’t have to wear an item in it’s classic way. A skirt can be a dress, A top worn the wrong way round,  a bow tie on your roll necked top, instead of your shirt, be unpredictable…..

Event 117

PURE 006

Event 134

These beautiful traditionally woven textiles, are on the decline in Japan, and Asato recons, they will all but disappear in the next 20 years, as most kimonos are now only worn for special occasions. Thank goodness, she will continue to use them, whilst they are still available, and interpret them into modern day fashion.

Event 067

Using off cuts of antique materials to create her turbans, introverted Asato  said, it’s her way of presenting her self to others, but it makes for a cool head piece and fashion statement.

Event 136



turban 022

Love this assemble  of mono chromed layering

turban 005

turban 002

So we went for a long breakfast at Dishoom in Shoreditch- Yum!


PURE 003

Event 138

Her philosophy – Clothing is part of our identity, and some have lost that identity, hence it is easier to follow the trends. Cloths should be meaningful, practical, and easy to wear, and ‘That kind of freedom, is the luxury of modern day life’.

turban 023

Great prints on these three feet long scarves. Mine is one of the polka dotted ones, and I am looking forward to rocking it this Autumn. It will make for an interesting clash, against my fashion sense.

Event 137

Event 129

This Jump suit is my favourite piece. Nice print, works on it’s own, brilliant for layering, minimal & functional

Event 124

All pieces featured are available for sale.

For enquiry and to buy from this collection, Contact: directly.

Asato’s BLINK collection will be available online from December 2015.


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