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I really just went along for the Swedish buns, BUT THEN….

BUT THEN….I discovered the brand ‘A days March’

This is the honest truth – a few months ago, I was invited along to an event called ‘a Fika’ which essentially is Scandinavian word for ‘hanging out’ but with good coffee and yummy cakes, but more importantly, to be introduced to a fashion label . I must admit, I wasn’t that interested in the label, but thought, oh great, swedish buns! I’m game or should I say, it was a good bait….

I went along, and was delighted and satisfied  to see the array on buns on display. I quickly introduced myself, and dived straight in for a bun, finished a whole one which was much larger than your average bun), and immediately picked up another. Half way through a mouthful of bun number two, I started to browse through the clothes, careful not to touch anything with my sticky bun fingers. Under normal circumstances, I would research a brand unknown to me before I attend a launch or presentation, but on this occasion I hadn’t at all done my homework, all I could think of was the yummy buns!

Atlas, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, A days March (an usual name in itself), a menswear brand, with it’s simple cuts, attention to details and quality. The brand was humble and unassuming, yet packed a big statement, if you cared to look.

It did basics so well, and offered great pieces for layering, which fitted right up my street as a Londoner who’s is never sure what our glorious yet unpredictable weather would bring on a daily basis.

This Swedish menswear brand, which is quite popular in Scandinavian, opened it’s first store in the UK, Soho, which is why I was invited along with others to go up and have a Fika – But I had more than a Fika –  I found pieces that I wanted to wear. I have always liked mens clothes, and grew up as a tomboy, and yes, I wore the odd mens shirt, and accessories, but never a full on outfit.

The simplicity of the styles meant I could put my own funk on top. The label is Sustainable conscious, reasonable priced, and the quality quietly says ‘You can wear me for years to come’. Going in the store –  and I have been in a few times now  – makes me feel like I am borrowing from a boyfriends’ wardrobe, and adding a different interpretation to my existing wardrobe.

Needless to say, I’ll be wearing more of the brand moving forward.

I know chords are on Trend, and whilst I can’t bear to use the word ‘trend’ – This chord set was calling my name. They make a good alternative to wearing a jacket this winter, and dark blue, means I can pop colour wherever I like. I can also create a couple of outfits, by just mixing in accessories.

Beautiful basics with neutral colours, great for layering, or that oversized shirt look, and they feel quite nice against the skin.

Donning my chord twin set from A days March, with my colour pop scarf from LK Bennett, My Po-zu shoes, hat from Hennumi, bag from Tissot, and socks from Prism socks. This look keeps me warm, of course my heattech vest from Uniqlo rains supreme underneath! I don’t normally wear patterned socks, but this pair funks the outfit up nicely.

I have been wearing the jacket opened, up until yesterday, when it got quite cold. It works well as on the premise of getting two or three looks out of one outfit.

I decided to use suspenders, because the Mens size small is still too big for me. Wearing a belt really scrunched up the waist line in a way I didn’t like, so these floral suspenders, from Moss Bros are holding up nicely!

Peeling away a layer to reveal this yummy yellow merino wool roll neck. I very rarely wear roll necks, as I find them a bit grannish, but this is warm, non itching, and the yellow lightens the mood on a cold , grey sky day in London.

So there you have it, one of my latest discoveries, placed nicely ay 39 Berwick street in Soho London. Great for boys, and even better for girls looking to reinterpret what you have in your existing wardrobe.

Happy days ahead, and merry christmas in advance.

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