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What can I say; I’ve got a fixation for shirts. Don’t possess that many, but wear them constantly. The one thing that frustrates me about most chick shirts however, is the floppy collar that I constantly have to adjust, apart from when I am buttoned all the way up.

A new fashion friend of mine told me she had the same problem, so started dawning her boyfriend’s shirt instead. That’s one solution, but size matters.

Well, I was walking through Westfield the other day and came across a shop called Sacoor, it is shirt heaven for girls, and more importantly, stiff collars reign supreme.

The secret to their stiff collar lies in 2 small plastic tabs, which you insert on the back of the collar. You remove tabs, to wash shirt, and reinsert afterwards, such a simple, yet brilliant concept. Now, I  never have to deal with a floppy collar, ever again. Of course, you can remove the tabs, for a more relaxed look. The cravat adds a very dandy touch, and can be rocked with other tops. And oh, there’s more, the shop has a pianist who swings by on fridays, and takes request!

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