Hats anyone? Meet Hennumi Millinery

Coco Channel – “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – echoed by Hennumi

As we are in the throws of London Hat week, I thought it would be fun, to catch up with a London Based Milliner –  Hennumi by Tosin Trim –  I popped down to Tosin’s studio to nose around and have a banter. Like me, she is a lover of hats, and believes, they do not need to be worn only on special occasions.

Let’s face it, how often do you get to wear a hat, except you are the Queen! And of course, many people won’t buy a hat, because they think, they wouldn’t get enough wear out of it, or perhaps, they are too expensive, and can’t justify the cost.

Well, if hats are your thing, the trick is to get a medium sized one, that you can dress up, or dress down, with your everyday clothes. Tosin believes that hats should be accessible to all, and her prices reflect this thought. To get you started, Hennumi is offering you a chance to win a small head piece. Happy Hat Week!

hennumi 021

hennumi 023

hennumi 025

hennumi 014

hennumi 067

hennumi 035

hennumi 001

hennumi 037

hennumi 041

hennumi 044

Love the simplicity

hennumi 004

hennumi 017


hennumi 092

hennumi 062

hennumi 052

hennumi 058

hennumi 093

hennumi 094

hennumi 133

hennumi 120

Monochrome Window display for London Hat Week trail @ Deploy Demi-couture boutique

hennumi 056

hennumi 134

Competition price, courtesy of Hennumi – follow @bunmiabidogun to enter. Good luck follow #hennumi

Stockist –
DEPLOY Demi-couture Boutique 34


DEPLOY City Atelier
65 London Wall

2-2 Ichijyouji
Kyoto 606-8165

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