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Framed for life

I guess bags for life have been around for forever, whether that be a square piece of cloth, with the four ends tied in the middle & placed at the end of a long stick, or 2 ends tied together and slung over the shoulder.

Thank goodness, bags for life, have moved on from that, and with the awareness of what plastic bags are doing to sea life and vegetation, there has been a 180⁰ turn towards bags for life again, which is exciting to see. Hopefully we’ll get to a 360⁰ turn on the whole issue at some point in this century.

More exciting for me however, is that many of the small boutiques I visit, package my buys nicely and place them in a bag for life, (with a nice design on the front and back) before handing it over to me. I enjoy rocking it on my shoulder, and it’s much more stylish, than a brown paper bag (I do like brown paper bags though, and brown paper….there’s just something very minimal, yet tasteful about it..)

So, with an accumulation of so many bags, I tend to favour the more robust ones that can hold my shopping, without the straps cutting too deeply into my shoulder before I get home, and I use the ones with nice designs, when going out (you know, the odd cardigan for London weather, brolly, spare flats, if you have your heels on, for later on…….., that book that won’t fit into your main bag…)

The designs I really like however, were just kept in a box in my room, for what purpose? I don’t know. I just really like them and didn’t want them to get all grubby, after a few uses, at which point, I tend to just move on to another bag for life.

At a friend’s private viewing last Friday, some of us got favoured and were given a print of one of her portrait paintings, printed on a bag for life. Thanks Kat. –’s work, called TSM, is a series of portraits representing some of the 27million victims of human trafficking. A percentage of the sales of the work went towards the charity Vision Rescue, who work to rescue victims of trafficking. The portraits are of children from this charity. Inspired by photography courtesy of Ben Wetherall). Needless to say, this bag joined the ones sitting in a box, because I really like the way Kat captured the emotion on the little boy’s face.

By Sunday, I kept on thinking, I want to use these bags, because I like the designs, but how do I keep them clean, and the design sharp? Then it came to me – FRAME THEM, and that’s exactly what I have done.

Now they are just hanging up on the wall in my flat, for all to see, discuss and enjoy. When I get fed up of seeing them, I’ll convert them back to practical bags punto.

Ps: the print of the horse & the text -Ichi-Ni-San, were from a charity event, that was raising funds, as a result of the earthquake that occured in Japan. The Ted  Baker bag, i acquired through a shopping event at Seven dials. I started to use this bag, and it has found it’s way into my washing machine once, but i really like the image of the old telephone in black against the cream background.

Psst…. I couldn’t find reasonably priced frames to encase the bags in, so I brought all the frames from a £1 shop, and some decorative tape that cost 50pence each from Muji, and wrapped the tap around the frames.


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