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For the love of Stationery….

One of the things I enjoy about London, especially, when the weather starts to warm up – is the never ending celebrations of our numerous hobbies and indulgences. A few weeks ago, it was London Hat week, then we had National Record week, and now, it’s National Stationery week!!

Hooray for me! Those who know me well, will be aware that I am a sucker for a notebook. I get pleasure from looking at them, buying them, and being gifted them. I can never have too many, and writing on the first page is quite exciting. I have been known to spend ages, milling around in the Paperchase on Tottenham Court road, looking at pencils, brown paper, envelopes, nicknacks…(lalala in my own world)

A few years ago, I came across a stationery shop in Tokyo with five floors!!!!! needless to say, I spent most of the day there, and came back to London with loads of stuff.

So here is my little tribute to one of my indulgences, with a fashion twist to it.

stationary 020

I found these floor to ceiling installation at Radley’s press day this week,   which I thought would fit in perfectly with this post.

stationary 111

These are some of the many note books that have been gifted to me in the last    year, and I like them all. Thank you

stationary 116

More gifted note books – one can never have to many- And yes they look pretty,but I intend to use them all.

stationary 048

This Envelope pocket bag, is inspired by the hundreds of love letters that Keat Grove (British Romantic Poet) penned to his wife throughout his life.

stationary 118

All things small and beautiful – more note books. what fun!

Campers 053

I met Amy yesterday at the Campers press day, we talked about stationery, and she showed me her favourite note books, designed by Rob Ryan (Illustrator)

Campers 059

Amy, particularly likes the illustrations on the pages, and can’t wait to visit the Rob Ryan store in Paris, and wonders why there isn’t a store in London.

Campers 056           Campers 057

stationary 095

These ball point pens, look like tripods. Shame you can’t pull their legs.

stationary 057

I have never seen sharpened pencil remains this big before, and they they make a great aesthetic.

stationary 085

stationary 098       stationary 062

Just great designs

stationary 021     stationary 047

This one, (called Columbia road) draws inspiration from the pencil case.

stationary 057

stationary 054

stationary 056

stationary 060   stationary 065

stationary 069        stationary 072

stationary 075

Oh so cute, yet functional and made of wood..

stationary 076

Such a shame, that we seldom write letters these days..

stationary 077

I love the pattern running along the ends of this bounded note book.

stationary 081

Wood, wood, wood

stationary 022

stationary 082stationary 071

These will make me sharpen pencils, a few times a day (And yes, I do have a life hahaha!)

stationary 085

stationary 098

stationary 058

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