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   Alas, we’ve done the floppy, bowler, tribly and many others. So consider taking on the very ladylike hats, and wearing it with your day to day outfits. They don’t just have to be for special occasions. In this day and age, if you wait for those occasions, you’ll never get a full wear out of them. I say rock them with your day to day outfit. It creates instant chic, and it’s a quick way to revamp or add character to your outfit.

I have acquired quite a few since last year, and the one I bought at Christmas, cost £140, (in the sale)….At first I wore it to a few events with dresses, but then I was in a hurry one morning and didn’t have enough time to comb my hair, so I just wacked on the hat, with my blazer, harem pants, and brogues, and it worked quite well. Now I dress my hats down with jeans and more casual looks and pretty them up with dresses. This way I get the maximum wear out of them, and I enjoy the versatility of the look.

Mind you, you don’t have to buy an expensive one, just head down to the vintage markets and bag yourself a bargain. I was in Greenwich market today (Yep, I like the vintage market on a Thursday & Friday), with Dubz, we haggled and got this one for £12.

Oh just one line of advice –

Don’t rock ‘The mother of the bride hats’ at any other time, except when you are the mother of the bride. Hehe…

£12 from Greenwich Vintage market

Ophelie Hats -









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