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There’s something about the grains in wood, the texture, and the smell, that just does it for me. I like the way it looks, the variation in the colours, and the strength of it. If I had to pick a material to work with, it will be this, the oldest building material in the world. It’s renewable like any crop, and has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide during growth and even after it’s been turned into lumber.Hooray!

wood 018

Having worked in the Architectural sector for many years, I see that wood has become very trendy amongst Architects, and is being used more often, to create whole structures, replacing concrete and steel as a material.

Likewise, Wood seems to be filtering through to fashion pieces. Admittedly, man has been making wearables out of wood for forever, but some designers are putting a new spin on it.

goggles 002

The carved out design feels great to the touch and compliments the grains in the wood. (

wood 023

wood 013

I found this, at the Heals modern craft market. Jeremy, originally made it to hold his 7 Inches singles, but Carla (his partner) was using it as a bag on the day. They intend to make more… I’ll be standing in line for one! (Bonner Leather studio. Cirencester)

wood 057

Sitting majestically on a mannequin in Wolf & Badger on Dover Street. I fell in love with it. A one off, hand made show stopping body Armour necklace, made from wood, and other materials savaged from here and there. At nearly a grand a pop, you”ll have to cough up and rock it with attitude. But fear not, Della also makes beautiful smaller pieces starting from £75.00


wood 053

Of course, it looks fabulous on you!Kris.

wood 058

Wooden frames with mirrored lenses. Hallelujah…

saatchi 019

Wooden racket mirror, a Finlay & Co/Wimbledon collaboration


saatchi 015

saatchi 016

The old saying – , ‘it’s all in the detail’ .This pair (Bosworth) has three layers of wood, running through it’s frame. YUM! retail prices start from £140.00


saatchi 022

saatchi 013

Wood complimenting gold. Clean, non fussy, beautiful

photo 2

I actually asked if I could touch this when I saw it on Tim, at a party. In his own words – (the bow tie was made from wood salvaged from the fire-bucket of an Antique dealers in Bristol; so it embodied our mission to show the beauty of wood in it’s intricate detail, even if it’s destined for waste as this piece of wood was!)

W&W Bureau - Lifestyle (hi-res)

wood 027

wood 070

I’m not one for the colour pink, but I truly could see myself in this interpretation of brogues. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is commendable. The bit that really flicks my switch however is……

wait for it….

wood 073

….The elongated wooden heel. Happy days. retail price – £245.00

wood 062

This Mens wear collection, takes the grain out of the wood, and lays it into their garments. stockist – Wolf & Badger. London W1S 4NE

wood 064

And so we go full circle..

Back to basics..

The humble, yet, distinguished use of wood


wood 030

The Windsor rocker (














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