Diamonds & Pearls

I like my pearl earrings, because they are classic, feminine, simple and soften any boyish look I throw together. I haven’t always liked pearls, I used to associate them with grannies (silly I know) but I did. Anyway I discovered them about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Problem is, I lost one of them, but liking it so much, I held on to the one left. I tried to replace it, matching the colour of the one I had left, but apparently this is close to impossible. I then bought another pair in a similar colour, but they were too big, and I abandoned them after only 2 wears.

Then a got sent these little pearl studs for a baby’s christening from Spain, but the pins at the back were too long for baby ears, and anyway the baby hadn’t had her ears pierced. So I decided to wear them. Only thing is, my Madre put quite heavy gold earrings in my ears whilst growing up, and one hole is stretched out more than the other, and the little stud on one side, just disappeared into the hole.

Yep, you guessed it, it occurred to me to put my pearl earring in the hole that is bigger, and one of the baby studs in the smaller piercing. Now I just rock the big one in one ear and the tiny one in the other. I QUITE LIKE IT…

ps , I am listening to princes ‘Diamond and pearls’ track as I type this, so i thought i’d title this post just that. No diamonds i’m ‘friad hehehe.

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