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Many of you , who kindly read my post , would know that I favour a tote bag over a handbag, and have over a hundred of them. They are cheap enough, come in a plethora of prints as well as sizes, and afford me the indulgence of swapping bags from day to day.

I often find a lot of hand bags, either over embellished, or with a brand name screaming at me, and to carry this on a day to day would be quite unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I do have 2 handbags that I whip out, when the occasion calls for it, 3 clutches, and about 3 cross body bags.

My favourite of course, is the Aubergine vintage Givenchy bag,  a pass me down gift from many years ago. Needless to say, it features in any of my ‘need to carry a bag’ pictures and outings. It’s rectangular shape with curved edges and small handle gives it a clean, yet sophisticated, and timeless look;  but best of all, you’ll  have to come very very very close up and personnal, to see a very faded Givenchy written on it.

I dare say, Working in fashion, has privved me to many brands that I otherwise would not have known about, and in all honesty, I have since come across a small handful of bags, that I would actually rock.

When however, I received the invitation to attend LAUTEM press day, I immediately perked up like a meerkat. The image on the the invitation was that of simplicity, and it got me quite intrigued. I Popped along to the Hamyard hotel, for what to date has been the cosiest press day ever, only to be introduced to these beauties.

Everything about them was so pleasing to the eye. Having worked in the Architecture sector for many years, one  tends to appreciate a good line and detail. My gut feeling told me, that this designer had to have come from an Architectural background, and hey presto! I Was right. I got a chance to do a little interview with Elena, and she explained to me the the word ‘lAUTEM’ is a latin word, which means ‘Done with Excellence’ . It is so fitting for these bags and the quality of the craftsmanship is truly evident in each bag. I like the minimalism of it all, the attention to details, the clean lines, the design, and the colour palette. All the production happens in the south of Spain,  including the sewing of the bags which is made by a small family on a farm.



With their quite unusual names, ‘TEMPTATION BAG’  is by far, my favourite. I like the very muted colour, with just the line of turquoise/taupe going around the edges. I would happily carry this around most days. It’s got enough space for my daily jazz, is very understated, yet you can’t help but notice it.




The very nicely tucked away logo, gives me comfort, and even though this luxury bag comes with a £636.00 price tag, I’ll be  happy to settle, because it’s great value for money, and it will be in my wardrobe for many many many years to come.


Second place goes to ‘I GOT RHYTHM’ with the rose gold handle. It not only has Rhythm, it’s also loaded with swagger!!! £662.00


Siena Pascal Leather bag -Such a fun bag £571.00

Eggplant  BAG – Beautiful colour £571.00

These are very practical bags, and of course come with straps which come in handy on a very busy multi tasking day. Note the detail on the strap, simple, yet effective and stylish.




I am yet to own a white Bag, the closest I have come to this colour is in a tote, but happy to add this to my other hand bags. I can see that with age, it will only look better.


Such a cool and distinct colour palette; they remind me of those associated with handsome front doors. I checked in with Elena on this, and she actually said she was inspired by paint watches for exteriors, when she chose her colours. Spacious enough to accommodate an A4 document and ipad,  zip round to deter pickpockets, and with a very very muted yet embossed logo right down in the corner, you can almost miss it! fantastic!


NIGHT AND DAY HANDBAG -Reminds me of a Lunch box, yet I can see myself bouncing around with it. This shade of yellow is so delicious, and will light up any outfit instantly. Albeit, in my case, add to the existing colour pop! £571.00



Arrrr, black, the practical bag with an edge. If I worked in the corporate industry, and had to carry a black case to meetings, This would be may power dressing bag.




EULER  BAG- Tres chic, Tres quirky….. £571.00


Elena and her hubby

It’s always a privilege to meet the designer of a brand I like, or newly comes onto my radar. It certainly gives me an insight into where the designer is coming from. Elena, who is a lover of bags, was so passionate about her collections, from concept to end product, it was infectious. The fact that she echos my thought on, – design speaking louder than a logo or brand name -made me like the bags even more. I am also acutely aware that  If I looked to a high end brand, for everything a luxury Lautem bag has to offer, I’ll be paying at least three or four times the price.

If, like me, you appreciate design, quality, and something unusual, then I suggest you check out guess Lautem.

I know what I’d like to be rocking around this summer…….


where to buy one or two…..hehe.


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