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Collar Cuffs

A truly happy new year to you all – LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HAPPYINESS, LAUGTHER blah, blah blah….. It’s bound to be a heck of a ride, and I am super excited.
Anyways, I am mad about shirts at the moment, in particularly, the collar. I wear them with my tie, scarf, buttoned up, fly collar, collar overlapping pass the button hole, with a brooch, and whatever else I randomly come up with for the day.
Needless to say, I was quite please when over the Christmas season (whilst on my way to Shoreditch to take photos for an upcoming post),I stumbled upon ‘House of Hackney’s Christmas shopping event Circus’ which was essentially a Hugh pop up shop.
hmmm… many delightfully things to see and own, but I settled for a pair of collar cuffs from a really nice chick called Lizzie (creator of Eaburns).
The cuffs are great, ‘cause you can jazz up an old or much loved over worn shirt in an instance. They also double up as earrings, so multifunctional and wait for it….. ethical, and sourced from sustainable material too. – a bit more love to the earth – I say.
There were sooo many to choose from, the blings, the neons, matted ones, but after much deliberation, I opted for the simple black ones with a gold stud on each.
It will work on any shirt collar and I reckon I’ll get value for my dosh, and keep in line with my philosophy of ‘less is more’.
Oh, nearly forgot, mine cost £12.00, but you can pick up 2 pairs for £20. One for you, and one for….?

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