Chris Cross will make u……jump

                                  This shirt came back with me from Japan a few years ago, and being one of the five shirts I possess in my wardrobe, it gets worn fairly often. I always wear it as a open collar, but Sometime last year I decided  to button up and dawn a tie, then realised the design had omitted a button at the  top of the collar. This made the collar gape when worn with a tie, & I constantly checked myself whilst walking passed anything that mirrored my reflexion (and no, I am not vain, but can’t be dealing with a wardrobe malfunc).

To resolve this problem, I decided to wear it buttoned up with a brooch, but the way the collar was cut, meant the gap between still wouldn’t close properly, unless the 2 points of the collar overlapped ever so slightly. I tried that, but it didn’t look right, so I moved the collar further along. I liked the snug feel around my neck and the security of knowing it wouldn’t  gape, I pinned on my brooch, and Voila! for me, Chris crossing was born.

Now, Chris crossing is a big part of my style, and often I cross my shirt cuffs, zippers on my trousers and sometimes the hem of my skirts & trousers. I ENJOY IT.

Boys and girls let the Chris Crossing begin………


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