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Last Minute christmas gifting guide

If like me, you are just beginning to wrap your head around Christmas and haven’t really brought your pressies yet, all I can say is, thank Goodness for the internet! it’s been a long winded year, and what with being away recently, trying to get back into the swing of London and tackling a million and one things on my ‘To do list’ , has put prepping for Christmas on a back burner until now. I do love the christmas…

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Christmas Events

A Practical Christmas tree

Yes, I did put the tree up last Thursday, but what with managing my Christmas Pop up shop, running errands, and having a life, I am only just posting now. (Those of you who kindly read the last post would understand this statement). This year, I decided to go for Christmas decorations, that do more than just look pretty, because, come the 1st of January (or when ever it is, that you take your Christmas tree down) all decorations get…

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Last stragglers Christmas gifts guide!

  If like me, it’s only just beginning to feel like Christmas, and you haven’t brought any or only a few gifts, fear not, help is at hand. This is my first Christmas post ever, and as I finally complied a list of the things that I like, I thought it only fair, to share with you guys. Great news is, all of these gifts are still available to buy on line, and will be with you in time for…

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