BubbleLipz – How to wear Lipstick shades that don’t suit you

Bubblelips! that’s what I was nicknamed at school. I spent a lot of my teenage years holding my lips in to make them look smaller, and vowed that as soon as I was old enough, I would get them reduced.

Fast forward many years later, I realized (through lots of compliments and self love) that my lips are actually one of my best assets, and should be celebrated. It took me another 2 decades to get comfortable with lipstick, and only last year to really start rocking them.

I always thought,  (and still at the back of my mind think) my lips are too full for bright coloured lipsticks or any lipstick at all. When I wear them, I feel like –  you see my lips, and then you see me – (I am still getting used to it) – I used to do a bit of modelling, and would wipe off the lipstick, as soon as the shows were over!


My discovery

About 2 years ago, I was at a gig in the Round House with an ethical stylist friend called Lucy. We went to the toilets, (as girls do) to refresh our make up, and then she laid out these dinky bottles with tags on them. I was instantly curious, because the packaging was quirky and different to all that I had known about makeup, and the tags bore interesting and thought provoking names. Lucy told me that was her make up stash. She was wearing the most beautiful purple liquid eyeliner, and liquid red lipstick! which she said came from Lush, it was all vegan with no gunk.

press days 076

Now up until this point, my stance on Lush, – very smelling soaps, and colours that make my eyes hurt! But my desire to try the liquid lipstick over powered my thoughts and I went along to the Regent street branch. (Happy to say, I have since change my stance over the years as I have had time to explore beyond, just walking past Lush).

I looked through the many shades, and decided on ‘Decisive’ – It’s a beautiful vintage blood red, and I think psychologically, the name ‘DECISIVE’ made me think – Make a decision about whether you want to wear lipstick or not- .


So I started with ‘Decisive’, was unsure at first  but my friends, and strangers thought it looked great, soI stuck with it.  There was only one downside to my newly found colour pop lipstick. It was a liquid, and so, often bled around the hedges of my lips. Now this is the last look you want to present, when you already have quite full lips.


Mitigating the bleeding

I figured, that if I could use some kind of sealant to stop the bleeding,  balance will return to the earth. At the same time, my confidence was growing, and I thought it would be nice to have more than one shade of Lipstick to wear. I then came across NARS, at Liberty, and then Space NK. The make up artist at NARS, tried a few colours on me. I thought the orange and fushia pink were far too bright, but this Purplish one called ‘Funny face’ was perfect.

Nars 010

I now had 2 shades of lipsticks, and rocked them, only on occasions of course. However I still had the bleeding problem with my Lush Liquid lipstick. One day, after I had outlined my lips with ‘Funny face’ – which I have to do, (outlining my lips I mean, before I do a total eclipse and with a mirror. I can’t get away with applying really quickly, and without a mirror, like some of you chicks can *_* A+ to you) I decide to experiment with 2 colours, and viola, it solved the bleeding problem, and a third look was born.


Combination of ‘Desicive’ by Lush, and ‘Funny face’ by NARS.

This is one of my favourite lipstick combos, and I rock it alot!! alot!

Sometime late last year,  I was fortunate enough to get a invitation, to the NARS press day.I went along, not quite knowing what to expect (This was my initiation into beauty press days) . They talked me through their new collection, and sent me on my merry way with a goodie bag.(Thank you NARS,  this goodie bag revolutionized my relationship with make up).


I got back on the tube, and opened the goodie bag, and my jaw dropped! 6 shades of bullet Lipsticks, 4 eyeliners, 6 shades of compact powder, 2 pencil lipsticks, and 4 eyeshadow. I had never possessed this much make up in my life. At first, I was going to dish it out to friends like I normally do, but the stylist in me, conjured up the days, when I needed some  make up on a low budget shoot, and decided to keep hold of them.

I loved all the shades of lipstick, and the way the magnetic cases held them all together.

Nars 009

Even the lids have magnets in them, so you don’t have to screw them back on, or worry about them popping off. cool

lush 004

After getting over my elation of having so much make up, I got a rude awakening, when I realized only two of the 6 shades of Lipstick actually suited my skin tone! I could only wear ‘Carmen’ and ‘Michyo’

Nars 005Nars 004

Carmen                                Michyo

lush 021

Ingrid, Anita, Natalie & Julie were no go zones for me. And believe me, I did try rocking them, but the colours didn’t look right and a few level headed friends concurred.

IMG_6293-Edit   IMG_0472

‘Julie’ & ‘Ingrid’  NO, no, no……..


I was determined not to give yet another batch of good lipstick away. After many moments of applying and wiping off of the famous four, I just started to combine the colours, like i did with my ‘Decisive’ and funny face, an accidentalstatement, which solved my bleeding problem, and again the no go lipstick shades. I found that by combining the colours I can get away with wearing all except ‘Ingrid – she is still working progress.


‘Carmen’ &  ‘Michyo’


‘Julie’ & ‘Anita

The Trick to it…

Wear the colour that suits your skin tone, on the outline of your lips, creating a nice ‘Umbra’ – I heard this word for the first time 2 weeks ago!(where have I been)?. Try to go 1 quater in, with the colour that suits, and 3 quaters with the colour that normally wouldn’t on the inside of you lips.

press days 021

I have quite dark lips, so it’s it’s important to me, that a lipstick has a deep pigmentation, otherwise it just looks as though I am wearing a lip tint.


Sometimes I apply an alchemy of two colours that would not normally suit me, and come up with a completely different colour. (Ps – I have been told to get my brows done, since this was last shot *_*)



I  also alternate the colours that suit, to get a different look.



And now I am confident enough to go total eclipse on some other colours.  My 3 favourites of course are ‘Decisive’ from Lush, ‘Carmen & ‘funny face’ from NARS, all or which are now flat or empty.

Oh FYI – now that I am enjoying wearing make up, some beautiful stuff seems to be coming my way. I’ll share my new makeup finds very soon. So watch this space.

Happy colour popping, blocking, and rocking.

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