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Brace Knuckle

I went along for the first time, to SCOOP at the Saatchi Gallery, and was honestly planning to breeze in and breeze out, one hour max! I thought…, 3 hours later however, and I was still in there!
So many quirky Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes, perfumes, with a lot of designs for all over Europe and America………Anyway, I came across these ‘Hand Bangels’ – which I, hadn’t seen before and my first thought was ….’great idea, but probably uncomfortable and impractical , so I tried one on, and actually, it was quite comfy on the hand, and looked great. It makes a change to the wrist bangle, and you can go minimal or bling. They retail between £140 – £215, http://www.tadaandtoy.com 











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