Each year the festivals come around, I watch them on television and I’m totally blown away by the music, stage performances and the atmosphere, wishing I was there. I  promise myself to book tickets for the following year. I call up a few friends making a path with them to go the following summer, to camp out for a few days under the English weather!, to have a wet wipe shower, endure the toilets, mud… and the list goes on.

I’ll eventually get round to going, I hope, and imagine that I would have to travel quite light, but still with some comforts. I’ve found a few things that will definitely be coming with me, when I finally make the pilgrimage.

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These bohemian tattoo transfers look great, are convenient, and replace the bulk of jewellery, and the worry of losing them. It take less than a minute to put them on, and last for a week.


The only piece of jewellery I would take with me is my Ear chain. I have always wanted to wear one, and acquired one recently. Hopefully, no one would ask for  my shoulders to advance their view of the stage!!- Claire’s

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3985142764577292303053754Sliver Floral And Wings Wire Ear Cuff 6.00GBP 7.99EUR 12,90CHF 31,90PLN 11.00USD5484255466White Leaf Stone Ear Cuff

Granted that the English weather sometimes lets us down, however, I will still take along a pair of these Ipanema flip flops for comfort, and should the weather show mercy, rock them. These Brazilian babies have great designs, and actually mode to you feet, which makes them very comfy to walk in without the slap slap noise you normally get with most flip flops, and they are sustainably made.



Ipanema-Beach-Rosegold--ú16   Ipanema-UniqueIII-Kyoto_-ú16Ipanema-Kirey-Beige-Bronze_-ú15


Now that wearing makeup is a growing hobby for me, I would like to take a little bag, but wouldn’t want to lost any of my more expensive pieces, or my favourite lipsticks. I discovered these little square darling  in LUSH on Oxford street, which are smaller than a match box. From this coloured square, you can get different shades of lips stick, but I,  would also use it as a blusher and eye shadow. You use a finger to do the mixology, quick application to face and off you go. I do so like the way it looks though, and would be a shame to use it (if you know what I mean).image for fes 015       Shades of Red, nude and pink

image for fes 015image for fes 016image for fes 017


I think this  purple handmade trilby hat,with the green feather, will be my statement piece. – Hennumi Trilby hat

image for fes 004 Or this cosy beanie, when it gets cold! – Acne Studios

image for fes 030

Wellingtons are one of my favourite shoes to wear, and living in London, means I get a good wear out of them.  I discovered these Muck boots (appropriately named) a few months ago.They are comfy, warm, 100% waterproof – due to Lining on the inside, breathable, monochrome , modest logo and highly functional. What’s not to like.

image for fes 038

I always take a scarf, when away from home, they are so multifunctional, and this heart shaped scarf can only spread love. – Deichmann


Across the shoulder bag, whilst I am dancing in the away with the rest of the crowd.516563

A robust waterproof backpack  with muted leave design and Suede details to keep my stuff dry.

image for fes 002

Hopefully in this PUFFA mac, my friends will be able to spot me in the crowd.image for fes 025 image for fes 025image for fes 027 image for fes 026

you’ve got to have a pair of sunnys, at festivals^-^. I’d have real trouble deciding which pair to take with me. Quay Australia, Finlay & Co. , Cheap Monday, Finlay & Co.


30268241 FRONTdraycottopalineblue__withoutclipon__finlay_co_designersunglasses_sideangle

Well, as I might be throwing some caution to the wind at the festivals, I’ll happily wear this cute Giraffe print tee. – JOY


Boots without the bulk, is my only explanation for these TEVA Sandals. Comfy for walk arounds, and packs away nicely into my rucksack.

1007555-LURK_1 £35 1007555-GPPP_1 £351004006-VIND_1 £35  1006932-CYC_1_1 £30  1006932-BRWH_1_1 £301006932-JGRN_1_1£30

This edit is by no means exhausted, and I have left out quite a few things, to make my  imaginary bag lighter! I wonder how heavy my bag will be for a 3 day festival. Knowing me, I would want to take along  lots of comforts, perhaps I should just start with a day festival and work my way up.








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