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C is for Circular shoes to click & twist

There’s something to be said for making shoes that just last longer in the first instant, hence my relentless advocating for designers to consider practicality and longevity in their product design. Let’s Consider for a moment the purchase of a premium pair of leather shoes, the prerequisite include a duster bag, instruction on aftercare, as well as re-sole/re-heel services for as long as we keep taking them back. However, the same cannot be said for a pair of premium trainers…

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UPCYCLED COLLECTIONS @ London Fashion week

The Indian summer, combined with everything from Open house, London Fashion week (LFW), Thames festival, London design festival, (with it’s ever growing number of districts) Theatre, Arts, and the abundance of free events, makes September my favourite month of the year. I dare say, this plethora of events constantly lays bear my sometimes indecisive side, causing me to dip my toes here , there, everywhere, and never fully immersing myself. I often need something to focus my schedule around this…

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South Korea Hallyu

It’s fair to say that Mexican wave, has nothing on the South Korean Hallyu that’s been sweeping the world for the last decade. ‘Hallyu’ which means ‘wave’ in South Korean has brought a long awaited exhibition to the Victorian & Albeit museum , and I felt privileged to attend the press preview. This first exhibition of its kind, celebrates the colourful and dynamic popular culture of South Korea, following its early origins to its place on the global stage today.  …

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“the chances of someone having the exact same outfit as you piece by piece from a charity shop is greatly reduced, and for me that gives me a piece of mind that, my individuality is safe”. Adam Heart, aka sicckm8 got it down to a fine ‘T’, and talks passionately about thrifting, charity shops, Vintage, the disconnect  and making some ka -ching!  For the first time in a very long time, men are buying more clothes than women! A new *research reveals…

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Fast Fashion brands can actually help us become more SUSTAINABLE!

My daughter started secondary school , just as the second lockdown came into force, and moved from mufti to uniform.  Who knew you really had to purchase the uniforms months in advance, or face the dreaded uniform queue! Which, could stretch back a mile, and that you might have to visit more than one of the few designated uniform shops to get the full ensemble, as last minute ‘buying on line’ was not an option due to demand! Mission accomplished…

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When my son announced that he had proposed, my first thoughts were, wow! That’s grown up stuff, followed by, are you sure?/ are you happy? okay congratulations. The heightened wave of emotions, were then quickly and brutally dampened by the announcement on the 23rd of March 2019, that we were going into lockdown due to COVID19!, and like most people, the full ramifications  of what ‘LOCKDOWN’ meant didn’t  immediately dawn on me, until further on down the line. Despite the…

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Say 'CORK',and the first thought that comes to mind, is a wine stopper, swiftly followed by a 'POP!'sound from an enthusiast doing the honours, then me instinctively dodging the assailant as it goes flying through the air, for the preservation of sight.…

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What can I say, it is finally beginning to feel like Christmas, and unlike most that are quite organised, when it comes to buying of the pressies (and I should take a leaf out of their books really) I find myself just beginning to buy my Christmas gifts. If you find yourself in the same boat, fear not, we still have about 5 days to get our act together.  And what with next day delivery, I am pretty confident, I’ll…

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I really just went along for the Swedish buns, BUT THEN….

BUT THEN….I discovered the brand ‘A days March’ This is the honest truth – a few months ago, I was invited along to an event called ‘a Fika’ which essentially is Scandinavian word for ‘hanging out’ but with good coffee and yummy cakes, but more importantly, to be introduced to a fashion label . I must admit, I wasn’t that interested in the label, but thought, oh great, swedish buns! I’m game or should I say, it was a good bait….…

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Not a perfume connoisseur, but If I may..

Realising a bottle of perfume that I was gifted for a birthday, Christmas or through press is always a dilemma, when the end might be nigh. I start to wonder if I should buy another bottle of the same, go through a few of my mini samples for a while, or embark on the relentless journey to find a new replacement. Perfumes are quite personal, and in instances where the giver hits the right notes, I find myself using it…

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