All wrapped up in a bow.

Neck..... 153

I  favor the androgynous look, so possess quite a few ties, bow ties, tie pins, ectera.. in my drawer. I would normally wear them with my shirts, which of late, I really haven’t been wearing as much, and I thought it was a shame to have so many ties, just lying around. Then it dawned on me that I could wear them with dresses and tops, and that’s when the fun and games began.

This roll neck knit dress, was a practical addition to my winter wardrobe, it’s warm, cozy, and easy to throw on. However, I always felt it needed a little hmmm, Je ne sais quoi, to jazz it up. In my attempt to do so, I took an old necklace, which I still like ,but somehow no longer wore, and pinned two corsages to it, hence the neck piece below was invented. Now I see my knit dress as a blank canvas on which to build upon, happy days.

Neck..... 014

Neck..... 008

Neck..... 098

My interpretation of East meets West

Neck..... 005

I rarely do pink, but once in a blue moon, pink appears…

Neck..... 094

Neck..... 013

Neck..... 018

Neck..... 138

Attempted bow with this beautiful silk scarf. -Instant colour pop!

Neck..... 033

I am still perfectly the act of knotting a tie, so sometimes, I just wrap it around and finish with this simple big tweed brooch. – (I like the contrast)-

Neck..... 019

Boy’s Scout twist

Neck..... 050

This is how I keep my slacked roll neck up.

Neck..... 118

My attempt to knot a tie.

Neck..... 081

Cupping out, and using a pre-tied

Neck..... 109

Neck..... 069

As good as knotting a tie gets for me. I actually quite like it loose and astride.

Neck..... 174

Corsages from –

Big tweed brooch –

Silk scarf –

Shoes – Bought last year from  –

All ties were brought from Asia, but you can get them from many shops in London. Better still, borrow, your dad’s, brothers, boyfriend’s …..(Ask first, of course *-*)

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