Accidental statement

I wear 80% of the clothes in my wardrobe. My socks, tights, jeans & shorts even more. Needless to say the ones I rock most days, tend to develop holes after a while, due to wear and constant wash. My absolutely adored pieces, or cannot live withouts – are rugged and  get patched in anyway I can. My needle work is not up there, so accessories and other stuff suffice. However, it sometimes makes a minimal statement, so i thought i’d share.



2 weeks ago, I  was on my way to the airport and wacked on my tights as usual (100% merino wool from M & S- £9.99) – love the brown ones and rock them most year round, on the 6th pair already this year ) – Alas a hole appeared on the right thigh. What to do… taxi is waiting downstairs and I have no time to change. I really wanted to wear these tights with my shorts – so fumbled thru treading a needle, failed miserable!. Out of desperation, I grabbed a badge from my ‘this & that box’ – covered the hole with it , and off i went. I have been wearing one on my tights since then.

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