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Hey. bunmi here.


I like fashion a lot, in all of its facets, but I don’t eat, sleep and breathe it –

Just really like it. I have been procrastinating for so long, before I decided to jump on blog wagon, but here I am.
It was hard enough coming up with a name, and what to write about. hmmm.. Well many things I suppose. There is so much jumping around in my head, so I start with my take on fashion and day to day people around me.
Background is working in Architectural practices for years, and then decided to give styling a shot, about a year and a half ago.

I am inspired by individual or alternative expressions of style, as suppose to the main stream. This here is not about the latest trends, but individualism, bucking the trend and suggesting alternatives to it. Anyway, why does trend have to be predicted by a few people? Why can’t we all influence fashion, yey, it’s more fun…

Detailing is what makes a style sense unique, quirky & individual. That understated minimalism, or far out there piece you choose to wear, makes a bigger statement than a brand name any day. I like this a lot and will talk excessively about it… opps

Finding new ways of prolonging the life of my beloved garms, really gets me going, and that’s how the title ‘accidental statement ‘ actually came about.

Looking at style on my many travels and comparing it to Londres will be fun, talking all about sustainable Materials for fashion, may heal the earth a tiny bit…, telling people I like their individual styles, and posting it, may bring a little smile or giggle to someone’s face..

Anyway, I am sure this blog will evolve as I as type away, so let’s go…….


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