What can I say, it is finally beginning to feel like Christmas, and unlike most that are quite organised, when it comes to buying of the pressies (and I should take a leaf out of their books really) I find myself just beginning to buy my Christmas gifts. If you find yourself in the same boat, fear not, we still have about 5 days to get our act together.  And what with next day delivery, I am pretty confident, I’ll have all my gifts under the Christmas tree by the 24th!

In this spirit, I thought I’d share gifts ideas that you can still buy, wouldn’t break the bank account, and you can even pop along to some of the shops to collect, if you are the touchy feely type. I have put together  a collection of quirky, fun, and unassuming gift ideas, stocking fillers, and unconventional Christmas gifts.

(PS must apologies for the quality of the pictures)

The Teeth Eccentric

If you ever thought about gifting a teeth brushing obsessed friend with a mouth wash and toothpaste, without looking cheap, here’s how. The Le Bon (french brand) is a premium, practical,Vegan/eco friendly and more fun, than your day-to-day dental care. The toothpaste smells festive with a hint of cinnamon, is organic and tasty. Pair it up nicely with this alcohol free, no nasties , sustainable packaged  bottle of minty fresh mouthwash, and the recipient will be beaming. Toothpaste 25ml – £8.95; 75ml- £16.99 Mouthwash – £35.00

Available on line at . Or pop into your nearest Anthropologie store or Fortnum & Mason and they’ll wrap it up nicely for you!


The Plastic free Lifestyler

From what you clean your teeth with – to what you suck your drinks with. This a thoughtful ,yet fun gift or stocking filler for a friend who is trying their best to have a plastic free lifestyle. These stainless steel metal straws come in rainbow colours, have a nifty practical brush for cleaning the straws, and all the packing is sustainable. How can this recipient be less than impressed.. straws £9.60


The Metro Sexual Guy or Girl?

New to the UK, this Mens’ grooming skincare from Australia, does not disappoint! Perfect for the metro-sexual guy who loves grooming products, he will discover a brand that actually works, and is unpretentious.  
AND WAIT FOR IT…., perfect for the gal, who favors more masculine scents of skincare that still do the job!. You can buy as many or as little from the range. For a guy, I recommend all of the above, for a gal, I recommend the eye cream (HERO PRODUCT), moisturizer and Anti antiperspirant. She’ll  thank you for putting these goodies of her radar! seriously, just buy your gal friend the eye cream, and wrap it up with a tiny bow, and she’ll be throwing all her other eye creams out! prices range from £8.99 – £40.00


The Colour Pop Enthusiast

The Minimalist, Design Connoisseur , Colour Crazy and Stationary Lover

The whole Pantone range is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, with colours so vibrant, and an array of pieces to choose from. Pick an Expresso cup, note pad,drinking bottle and mug in the same colour to create a very minimalist gift set, or just throw in a kaleidoscope of colours to create a pantone hamper. This recipient will be spoil for choose. Prices start from £12.00

To check variety  , then buy on Amazon for quick delivery


The Adventurous or Deep and Thoughtful

This heritage DNA kit, is a game changer for any recipient. The little box will open the doors to   exploring their ancestries and discover new information about their ethnicity. If this doesn’t put a spin on their 2019, I don’t know what will. currently discounted £59.00, normal price £75.00


For the Queen & king of Curly Hair

These Boucleme gift sets are perfect for the curly haired person in your life who is keen to tame a fizz. They will appreciate the thought you put into these gifts.

Bouclème Intensive Moisture Treatment 250ml, Bouclème Tangle Styler hairbrush packed in a limited edition, recyclable gift box. £28.00

Boucleme sulphate free Hydrating Hair Cleanser & Curl Conditioner, rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin E and antioxidants packed in a limited edition, recyclable gift box £26.00


The Curious Mind

Perfect for the kid in you, or kid as it goes. Curioscope  is an interactive visual reality experience which enables the recipient to see actual working organs in the human body. The Cotton T-shirt which has a  patterned diagram, corresponds to a free download App  and shows  vivid live images on the mobile phone screen of different organs at work in the body! awesome. T.shirt £29.95 and comes in XS for kids – XXL for adults


The Musical minded or Easily Bored

This makes for a great stocking filler or gift for a grown up or child who is happy to try new things. The Harmonica comes in a nice little box, can be carried every where and wiped out at any time to stave off boredom.  £5.00 or pop along to the store.


The Lover of wood

This simple yet handsome door stopper, is perfect for a recipient who appreciates wood full stop. The fact that it doubles up as a door stopper, and is an aesthetically pleasing piece to behold, makes it a very practical, solid and tactile gift. £58 order or buy directly from Conran shop


The Alchemist

The recipient of this gift will appreciate the fact that you have indulged their curious, imaginative, and scientific minds.  Perfect for kids and grown ups who like getting their hands dirty.  Buy on line, or swing by the Conran store to pick one up. £30.00


For the Quirky DIY Enthusiast or Stationary Lover


More than your average ruler, this is a great gift for a recipient who loves to measure everything, appreciates craftsmanship, or wants to put some fun into DIY .The fold-able wooden ruler from Arket, is beautifully designed,  practical and the recipient will just love folding, unfolding and creating different patterns with this ruler.  £12.00


The Everyone type of gift

This is the ultimate electric toothbrush, as far as commercial toothbrushes go (in my humble opinion). Suitable for anyone, it comes in children and adult sizes. It only needs to be charged ONCE a year, and gives the same effect you will get from going to a hygienist! The childrens version, has a cute neon light up ‘sad face or happy face, telling the parent if a child has brushed their teeth or is just bluffing. This is the most expensive gift suggestion, but I think, anyone will be please to receive this, – also think of all the toothbrushes you are saving from the landfills. Childrens – £99.00 Adults – £149.00


For the Craft Enthusiast

This simple brown envelope will bring a lot of satisfaction to the recipient who loves craft or is quite ecological minded. Litogami, which is a form of origami, but taken to the next level allows the recipient to build a house from pre-cut and pre-folded cardboard, and top it off nicely by switching on a solar powered night light within to create a beautifully light cardboard house. or £7.00


Well, thats all for now folks. I’m going to spend some time picking up a few bits and pieces now. Don’t get stressed about buying your Christmas pressies, I won’t  – just enjoy the experience. Remember, it’s not the end of the world, if you don’t tick everything on that gift list, there is always a plan B, C and D.







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