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Last stragglers Christmas gifts guide!

  If like me, it’s only just beginning to feel like Christmas, and you haven’t brought any or only a few gifts, fear not, help is at hand. This is my first Christmas post ever, and as I finally complied a list of the things that I like, I thought it only fair, to share with you guys. Great news is, all of these gifts are still available to buy on line, and will be with you in time for…

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Okay, let's go shopping

Brace Knuckle

I went along for the first time, to SCOOP at the Saatchi Gallery, and was honestly planning to breeze in and breeze out, one hour max! I thought…, 3 hours later however, and I was still in there! So many quirky Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes, perfumes, with a lot of designs for all over Europe and America………Anyway, I came across these ‘Hand Bangels’ – which I, hadn’t seen before and my first thought was ….’great idea, but probably uncomfortable and impractical…

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Fashion Latest


I often find my head turning, a few seconds after a person has walked past me in the streets. Especially if I like their style, to see if there is a pleasant surprise to the rear of the outfit.  I guess it’s a bit like, extra footage after the credits to a film in the cinema, as my reward for waiting. It does make me smile to see detailing on the back, whether it be intentional or just the way…

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