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The Metamorphosis of a good old book …..

I started reading a book over the weekend, the first in over a year! I’d been thinking about reading a good book for a long while now, but since driving came on the scene, reading for pleasure became insurmountable! Last week, whilst talking to my neighbour,who has a big library, I mentioned the need  to sink my teeth into a good book – she instantly produced a fat softback, which I  haven’t been able to put down since.…

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Fashion Latest Sustainable

How I Rock bridesmaid dresses post weddings!

I remember being a flower girl at many a wedding, whilst still a child. The dresses were always picked I now presume, by the bride, and were usually white, creamy, or floral. Being a child, I just enjoyed the moments, attention, and the awww, ‘so cute ‘ comments, that my twin and I attracted. Needless to say, I was unaware of how much it cost to have us both kitted out for the weddings, or what would happen…

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Fashion Sustainable

Experimenting with nature.

There’s something about the grains in wood, the texture, and the smell, that just does it for me. I like the way it looks, the variation in the colours, and the strength of it. If I had to pick a material to work with, it will be this, the oldest building material in the world. It’s renewable like any crop, and has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide during growth and even after it’s been turned into…

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Okay, let's go shopping

Brace Knuckle

I went along for the first time, to SCOOP at the Saatchi Gallery, and was honestly planning to breeze in and breeze out, one hour max! I thought…, 3 hours later however, and I was still in there! So many quirky Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes, perfumes, with a lot of designs for all over Europe and America………Anyway, I came across these ‘Hand Bangels’ – which I, hadn’t seen before and my first thought was ….’great idea, but probably…

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Disco Ball

There is always more than one way to wear most things. I constantly play around with everything I possess, when it comes to clothes and accessories. Take my Disco ball earrings for instance, I do enjoy wearing them as shoulder dusters, but they double up nicely as a brooch..

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