Last year I wrote a post called Bestival, and mused on what I would take with me, if I could just push myself far out enough of my comfort zone to camp in a tent. This  year, I actually get to live Glastonbury, and as I pack my festival essentials, I am filled with excitement and dread at the same time. Having closely been following all media covarage on this event – and  hearing that people have been stuck in…

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Fashion Latest

The full monty

One of the items that seems to have dominated my small wardrobe recently, is this full black mesh skirt. I find myself constantly gravitating towards it, and it gets a look in, at least once a week. It is so easy to dress up or down, and flatters my boyish figure beautifully. The interesting truth is, had I not seen this at a press preview, and been given the opportunity of it been gifted to me, I would not have…

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Beauty Latest

Oils. Lotions & Potions…

If I got stuck on an island, the one thing I would crave for after food and water, would be a moisturiser! I simply cannot do without! The absence of it makes my skin feel one size smaller, and my lips go into hibernation.Having naturally, dry/Normal skin, a moisturiser is what stops the dial swinging from Normal to Dry. – The horror of pausing, whilst out and about,rummaging through my make-up bag and discovering that I have nothing to use on…

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Latest Sustainable

Styling a fellow Blogger

Being a freelance stylist means I’ve had privy to many  a wardrobe in Britain and abroad. I sieve through clients wardrobes, decluttering and giving them my humble advice. I say ‘giving’, because they are paying clients, who have asked for my advice on style and Fashion.  So when fellow fashion blogger Karen (N4mummy), called to suggest that we do a styling shoot from each others wardrobes, I thought hmmm…- great idea! but how do you style someone who already has…

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Latest Sustainable

Frugal January…

It bothers me, when I take my old clothes to the dry cleaners for mending or slight alterations and get charged exorbitant prices! It sometimes defeats and frustrates  the whole point of slow Fashion. The incident that broke the camels back, occurred a few weeks ago, when I took my beautiful traditional deep purple Chinese dress (which I have owned for over 12 years) to my local dry cleaner. I asked for him to hem a few areas on both…

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Christmas Events

A Practical Christmas tree

Yes, I did put the tree up last Thursday, but what with managing my Christmas Pop up shop, running errands, and having a life, I am only just posting now. (Those of you who kindly read the last post would understand this statement). This year, I decided to go for Christmas decorations, that do more than just look pretty, because, come the 1st of January (or when ever it is, that you take your Christmas tree down) all decorations get…

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Last stragglers Christmas gifts guide!

  If like me, it’s only just beginning to feel like Christmas, and you haven’t brought any or only a few gifts, fear not, help is at hand. This is my first Christmas post ever, and as I finally complied a list of the things that I like, I thought it only fair, to share with you guys. Great news is, all of these gifts are still available to buy on line, and will be with you in time for…

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Fashion Okay, let's go shopping

My SAVVY winter

Having spent part of my formative years in a warmer climate, readjusting to winter took a long time indeed. I was constantly cold, even though I wrapped myself up like the Michelin man, and perceptually had frozen  hands and feet! I was one of those you shook hands with, and said, “wow, your hands are cold”! I suppose having a slight build, meant I had less body fat to keep me warm, but the layers I tried to compensate with, were…

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Fashion Sustainable

Individual ME

Hooray!! LONDON FASHION WEEK kicked off and ended this week. It’s always exciting to see all the designs, colours, fabrics, textures and draw inspiration from them. However, I am of the school of thought, that with most things in Life,  one should be as individual as you can be (in an organic way). Of course, one is  inspired by everything that surrounds one, but I believe it should enhance one’s individuality, not cause one to conform. Needless to say, the…

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Liberated collaborations

Whilst not a big fan of floral prints, over the years, I have come to have an appreciation for them . The reason being, this collaborating era that we find ourselves in, which allows different artistic worlds to collide, re-interpret floral prints and birth amazing masterpieces. How fun is it that Artists and photographers, are no longer confined to galleries, and private collections – , that Street-wear meets couture, that there is an alchemy of Architecture and fashion, that lifestyle…

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