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Oils. Lotions & Potions…

If I got stuck on an island, the one thing I would crave for after food and water, would be a moisturiser! I simply cannot do without! The absence of it makes my skin feel one size smaller, and my lips go into hibernation.Having naturally, dry/Normal skin, a moisturiser is what stops the dial swinging from Normal to Dry. – The horror of pausing, whilst out and about,rummaging through my make-up bag and discovering that I have nothing…

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Beauty Events


Any thing that will speed up my beauty routine, and still give me glowing skin is always welcome in my world. I lead a busy life, and really don’t have time, especially in the morning for more than a 2 step facial regime. But Alas, I live in busy London city, and whilst I love it, I struggle with the Hard water, pollution levels, and finding time for alot of TLC. Herald in the new Smart Clarisonic! …

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BubbleLipz – How to wear Lipstick shades that don’t suit you

Bubblelips! that’s what I was nicknamed at school. I spent a lot of my teenage years holding my lips in to make them look smaller, and vowed that as soon as I was old enough, I would get them reduced. Fast forward many years later, I realized (through lots of compliments and self love) that my lips are actually one of my best assets, and should be celebrated. It took me another 2 decades to get comfortable…

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