Okay, let's go shopping


I like pronouncing An-thro-po-logie, in the same way an android would. I imagine myself with a microphone, saying it with a nasal voice. Anyway my visits An-thro-po-logie on Regent Street (and more recently, Kings Rd.) is always satisfactory. As well as taking in all the fab aesthetics, I look forward to the sale section (which is ongoing all year round) and one is never sure, what one will find. I have picked up some amazing bargains from the sale section, which is mainly where I stop myself.

I have always wanted to go the their shoe shop (131 – 141 Kings rd. – the shoe shop is next door to the big store and you can easily miss it, if not paying attention), but never quite got round to it until February, and I wasn’t disappointed. I rarely find more than a pair of shoes that I really really like, in any one shop, so imagine the elation, when a see a multitude, and yep, I tried them all on.

At Under £180 for the ones I like, I am buying at least 2 pairs, as the size 8’s seem to always be the first to disappear, and of course, An-thro-po-logie will be on my hit list for the ‘First day of summer sales’.

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